The Poet’s Soul

The Poet’s Soul Is Different, 

Formed By The Fire of Life,

It Guides His Passions, 

Leads His Heart,

And Lives Forever 

Copyright June 10, 1996

Daniel J. Lavigne


In Muddy Fields Forgotten

Above Muddy Fields Forgotten,  

O'er Fools Thrown There Astrew 

Raptors Soar So Patiently,  

For Soldier Meat Anew.

Their Caw A Certain Tempo,  

Eyes Glancing Down The Wait 

For Bullets Through Vacant Minds  

And Carrion For Their Plates.

God!  I Pray!  Damn Such Fools!  

Such Brainless, Useless Twits! 

Send Them To A Special Hell!  

Where Together They Can Frit!

About Their Flags And Colours,  

And Reasons Long Forgot! 

And Why They Died So Uselessly,  

Their Shrouded Faces Frought,

With The Price Of Their Stupidity! 

And Their Souls So Cheaply Bought!

Do They Curse Their Ignorance,  

Of Knowledge Too Late Learned? 

And Ache At Our Rememberance,  

Of  Bravery Never Earned?

Copyright. Rememberance Day, 

 November 11, 1996  Daniel J. Lavigne 


To Another Way

In Flanders Fields birds fly by 

Ignored by the poppies and those who died. 

To the Lark, the flowers had no choice 

Similar, the soldiers who raised no voice.

At early dawn, low pitched cries 

Wail at the waste caused by lies. 

Why were we lined as tins on shelves? 

Why were we lined as sheep for the shells?

In those grey fields, the crows are alert 

Squawking at the moans, the calls from the dirt 

That curse empty longings, and scream at greed's hopes, 

Of things for ourselves and for others a rope.

In those fields, oft forgotten, some stop to pray 

Forgetting the insanity, forgetting the ways 

Of boys being men and doing as such, 

Murdering on 'orders'; then dying like mulch.

Copyright,  November 28, 1996 

Daniel J. Lavigne


Damn us!  Damn them!

Silent flashes filled the skies 

Thousands gasped, gaped and died 

As the sun’s own heat boiled their brains 

And baste their bones as their fat flamed.

Miles in the distance, burnt lobster red 

Blinded mothers shook in dread 

As skinless children in skeleton frames 

Moaned their agonys in utter vain.

Greed’s own bastards with weapons in hand 

Stroked the triggers that killed that land 

And in so doing silently proclaimed 

Our parents were Fools! Cowards born in vain!

Damned be our mothers! Those whorish sluts! 

Who bred with dogs and produced us! 

Instead of men!! 

Damn Us! Damn Them!

Damned be our fathers! Those cowardly pigs! 

Who signed away our freedoms! And then took swigs! 

To toast the dollars of home directed pay! 

While we, AS IDIOTS, were sent to harm's way!

Damn be the heartless! May they painfully fall! 

Into their pit of hate! As their souls are called! 

May God, WITH A VENGEANCE(!), for them prescribe 

Never ending pain . . . . and brine in OUR eyes.

Copyright. October 2, 1997 Daniel J. Lavigne 


To Duty

What is one’s duty

When acknowledging a threat

That would destroy all beauty

Even steal children’s breath?

Does therein lie evil

In  avoiding a way

That forces the matter

That leads to a day

When Humanity shatters

Greed’s guilty ways?

Copyright. February 21, 1988  Daniel J. Lavigne 


“To Duty” Abandoned 

"To Duty" we were taught 

When first we learned to Think 

"To Duty" was the rallying cry 

When facing danger at the Brink. 

But, alas, "To Duty" failed 

When faithless greed espied 

The quality of "caring" 

In craven, covetous eyes. 

Copyright. October 27, 1998  

Daniel J. Lavigne 




Ghost grey,  

Industrial pall.   


Screening our greed,   

Hiding our gall.  

Deflecting our view   

Of a dust laden extinction.  

Answering our follies,   

Our demands of MORE!! 

D.J.L. Meanderings  Spring/85


Finding Life’s Balance

Never look for symmetry 

Amidst cloudy alpine tops

As the winds blend flexing frames 

Of life in full crop.

Mirroring the mountains

Flashing back the sky

And spruce all wild akimbo

Branches sprung so high

Swaying to the constant 

Of eternity . . . .

Slowly passing by.

Copyright March 10, 1996  

Daniel J. Lavigne



Ships of state, sinking society, Bear no respect! Better Yet!

Society's birth . . . Now protected By Storming seas!!

Applauded!! By that reasoning humanity!!

Pray That winds Swell the seas To sink those ships

That render misnamed our humanity!

To send those fools . . . . to finality!

Pray For courage! And then awake!

To true conscience! Awake! 

And condemn guilt's vile greed

To Mancruel's Ashes!

As  found at



Will it, at last, come to this?

This madness, this need to persist?

Against All Advice, That It Would Truly Be Nice!

If We Gave Our Children Some Honest Advice!

Let It Be Said! We Were DisHonest! Its True!

However! What else were we to do?

If the Truth were to be Said;

We’d be Murdered and Dead

By Morning and the News left



January 12, 2018

Daniel J. Lavigne


And So We Went Weeping 

And So We Went Weeping 

To the edge of her grave

She lay in her casket 

So quiet and brave. 

At the age of six 

She was wildly torn 

By a bastard in black 

Of some nation's uniform. 

To kill all such bastards! 

Is now our refrain 

To tear all such bastards 

From their mother's own brains! 

Kill all such bastards! 

Is now our common call! 

As we weep near the casket 

Of a child they made fall! 

And kill all their teachers 

They are scum! They are rot! 

Kill all their parents 

For birthing such blots! 

Woe! Scream our souls! 

May those bastards come by! 

We'll teach them to think! 

And not make children cry! 

Oh Please! Oh dear bastards! 

Please trust and come by 

Lest our hate heat our hearts 

And too soon make us die. 

Come near dear Bastards 

To hear us say hi . . . 

Come near to our hearts 

And yours we'll soon fry! 

And So We Went Weeping 

To another child lost 

To the hates of the past 

And miseries long sought. 

And So We Went Weeping 

And what else can we say 

Our hate and our anger 

Now guides all our days. 

Copyright July 11, 1998 

Daniel J. Lavigne  


When the children of Gaza and the balance of Palestine grow

and take their revenge, who, then, will claim to have "Won"? 



Oh Dodo! 
Where did you go?

You were so many, 
a short while ago.

What could have happened, 

Why weren’t we aware?

That after the killing, 

You wouldn’t be there!

Poor Dodo, parent and child! 

Lost to a nature so violent!  

So vile! Dodos! 

Why are we so?

Copyright. August, 1985 

Daniel J. Lavigne


Can You Hear The Sound?

Can You Hear The Sound Of Sabers? 

Can You Hear The Sounds Of War? 

Can You Hear Your Screaming Sons 

Killing The Sons Your Daughters Bore? 

Can You Hear Their Sounds Of Anger? 

Their Despairing Moans Of Hate? 

Get Ready Friend With Ear Plugs 

When They Turn On You With Haste! 

And Then Will All Be Silent ?? 

Will The Dead Scream Out No More?? 

Will The Few Who Killed The Millions 

Not Pace Useless Across Their Floors ?? 

What Then In Darkened Shadows 

Years Past Those Evil Days?? 

Will Still Live The Soul Of  Man 

To Atone Your Killing Ways ?? 

If Not, Why Wait In Hiding? 

Why Avoid The Fray? 

Why Then, As Cowards All, 

Scream "Help Us God! We Pray!" 

As He Damns You To Perdition 

For Beings The Fools You Chose To Be 

While Such As I, With Heads Held High 

Restate Past Predictions Of Your Fate.

Copyright August 12, 2002  Daniel J. Lavigne 


The Salivators

Sheep like humanity, howling as wolves. 

To evil deferring, destroying the good.

As foulmouthed cowards, wasting their breath 

Flashing fools fashions, ignoring the threat, 

Of a flash that will fashion . . . 
Humanity's death.

Copyright  Feb. 15, 1988  

Daniel J. Lavigne 

BTW: To the world at large:

“The Salivators” is my favourite!

(Unfortunately, I don’t remember writing it! Woe!)


The Step

Planned in a distant world,

In the light of some bright star

It grew as time spread its fiery gas,

To the birth of new life afar.

Cells within cells within beings?

Did from such our fire seek birth?

From which such mass did we launch,

Our transmigration to earth?

If not that, then, from what other?

When from the whole we devised

And abandoned the pulse that grew the dust

By which our first Adam survived?

What of the "He" that we bow to?

Did "He" keep his eye on our birth?

If the answer be “NO” to such question

Are we doomed to our dirt?

There must be more to existence

Than to lie at the shadow of man

There must be more to survival

Than to grab to get what we can.

If such be the bargain

By which we stepped from the void

I pass on the shake that so sealed it

And declare such “life” null and void.

For I would step forward and argue

And risk the pale of death’s grey

And review all agreements or bargains

That would limit the “life” of the day.

Freedom once lived is tragic

If lost and never replaced

By other than lies by the self-despised

When their image in mirrors they face.

From out of the void we ventured

Taking but a moments rest

To test the strength of our knowledge

And confirm that we truly know best.

But the "He" that is "We" promised hardship

On any that dared to regret

Words in the void that they ventured

That on earth they'd “Never Forget!”.

The Step was planned with forebearance

Our places put down as odd byts.

But should any break the bargain

Such byts would be treated as spit.

And so with our dirt we now suffer

Removed from our step to the “way”

Left to ourselves with no measure

Of the gifts we enjoyed in such days.

The step took but a moment

In a million frames of time

And oddly enough is repeated

With every sip of wine. 

The step of life is endless

It repeats with the cough of a kill

Or the tweet of a bird winking at you

From the edge of a window sill.

Copyright January 22, 1998 

Daniel J. Lavigne


Looking Away

Society's victims, aloof, askance 

Suffering the poison of indifference. 

Living in violent pinpoint balance, 

In subservience to political whores. 


Copyright  February 21, 1988  Daniel J. Lavigne 


Support The Insanity

Support The Insanity 

Surrender To Greed 

Pay Fools Taxes 

Heed Profit's Creeds

Now Look Around You 

Smell The Slime And The Stink 

Pay All Taxes Promptly? 

Or Learn How To Think?

Copyright  August 8, 1997   Daniel J. Lavigne 



Guarding Greed

Rejecting Hope 

With Harsh Breath Restrained

The Fools Of Our Past 

Considered "Duty" As Vain.

Never Questioning Their Greed 

Nor Their "Needs Of To-Day"

They Ignored Their Tomorrows 

And What We Would Say

Of Lives Lived By Lies 

To Fill Empty Blab

And Shiny New Paints 

To Cover Fools' Fads

And Their Toying With Seeds; 

And The Soil Of All Life

And Their Will To Mass Murder 

As A Solution To Strife

So They Murdered The Fools 

Of Hope And Such Prattle

As Greed Was Their God - 

And Sheep Were Mere Cattle.

Copyright. September 6, 1997 

Daniel J. Lavigne.


The Point Of Evil's Will

With Hopeless Mothers Crying O'er Their Newly Dead 

Wailing Bethlehem Awaits The Next With Dread  

As The Works Of Man, Low And Tall, 

Are Defeated 
By Man The Small; 

For In Such Minds There Sits, 

As An O'bjet D'Art, 

The Point Of Evil's Will.

Copyright   September 15, 2002   Daniel J. Lavigne 


Cringe Not Before The Soul Of Time

I Cringed Before The Soul Of Time 

I Craved For Love's Release 

I Cried I Lived Without Life's Wine 

And Cursed The Kiss I Gave The Beast.

May Time On Bended Knee Forgive 

Some Thoughts That Too Oft Passed 

May Life Aside Make Recognized 

Lives Lived As Greening Grass.

May The Shadowed Day That Shamed Us 

Be Discussed, Relived And Shared 

And May The Guilt Of Our Dark Past 

Guide Us Far From Greed's Dank Air.

May In Some Dream We Wake  

And Hear A Voice So Soft 

You Were Young And So Misled 

Is The Reason You Were Lost

Too Quick Was John The Baptist  

When He Sought To Change His Times 

And Ran And Talked With Passion 

To Change The Souls Of Swine

Let Not That Urge Mislead You! 

Think! Consider! Meet! Debate! 

And With The Freedom Thereby Earned 

Lead Life To A New Gate

Where There A Door Is Open 

But None May Yet Dare Pass 

That Sinned And Regretted Not 

The Evils Of Their Past

Cringe Not Before The Soul Of Time 

Taste Love! Risk! Explain Your View! 

And Learn From Eternal Life 

That Which We Always Knew.

To The Power Of Love.

Copyright  January 27, 2001  Daniel J. Lavigne 


Let's Meddle!

Let's Meddle! 
Let's Grab Their Oil! 

Let's Kill Their Children 
And Save Some Toil 

'Cause When They're Older 
And Say "Enough!" 

They'll Be Fighting Back 
When Twice As Tough!

Let's Meddle! 
Kill Them Now! 

Piss On The Pope 
And Sacred Cows! 

Its Their Oil 
That We Need 

Not "Peace Now!" Crap 
From Christian Creeds!

Let's Meddle! 
Do Them Quick! 

Blast Them With Our Nukes 
And Other Tricks! 

Let's Meddle! 
With Pedals To The Floor 

Kill Their Kids !! 

And Seize Our Oil!

Let's Meddle!

Copyright   September 15, 2002   Daniel J. Lavigne


Where Did All The Young Men Go?

Where Did All The Young Men Go 

In those quiet days aglowing??  

Why did they 
As soldiers go  

To murder others 
And steal their oil? 

Why as fools 
Were they so?  

And WHY did parents 
Let them go?  

Is it possible we'll never know  

Why they refused to learn? 

Where did all politicians go?  

In those quiet days aglowing?  

Where did all such bastards hide  

After they destroyed our world? 

It mattered not,  

Most were found and shot  

The rest were hung  

And left to rot 

That's what happened  

To that thieving lot!  

Who lined their pockets  

Without a thought

That it was our world  

They were abusing. 

Yet here we are! 

Once again to-day!  

Nothing has changed!  

Greed Had Its Way!  

Our Markets Are Empty!  

There's No Fish In The Bay!  

Politicians Loot And Lord!  

And We Look The Other Way! 

While Cowards Abound 

What can we say?  

There's little hope . . . .  

Of old time justice returning? 

Most are now all agog,  

Infected by that greed  

They're in a mental fog, 

Sitting in city homes  

With pools now bogs,  

They have nothing . .

Left to turn too. 

And that being so . .  


With guns and ropes  
And voices low . . . 

Dragging Politicians  
In their tow  

Its to nearby trees . .  
They're marching! 

Our pale Politicians  
Are all agasp!  

That of which I warned  
Has happened at last!! 

The madness of greed  
Has handed them their hats  

Showed them the door  
And that is that . .  

As they twist in the breeze  
'Til morning. 

Governments are now asquirm  

They lived by their lies!!  

And with their Judges they'll burn!! 

As angry people take their turns  

To make such fools pay and sharply! 

And so we come to the end of this tale.  

The strength of fools' lies was of no avail.  

The Ships Of State sunk,  

As there was no one to bail  

But, truly, it didn't matter.

Copyright  January 6, 2001  Daniel J. Lavigne 


Waking To Love

Across a ridge they thundered!  

Muscled shadows on a hill. 

Daring sloping edges!  

Risking fatal spills!

With nostrils flared and frothing 

Paints and mustangs raced time west 

To greet their newborn family  

Skinny frames still dewey wet!

Just dropped by their mothers  

And learning how to cope 

They'd now learn through nuzzling 

That their family was their hope! 

Proud mothers! Prancing high! 

Acknowledging their due! 

Giving to their children 

That which we never do!

If our lives were guiltless, 

Freed of greed and lies' deceits; 

Would more familys Be At Home 

And with such love complete?

I pray that time can teach us, 

That from nature's gifts we learn; 

Before we turn too deadly 

And set our world aburn.

Copyright. January 14, 1998  Daniel J. Lavigne 


To Their Masters - Deferring

Shadowed faces, 

In courtrooms cloaked, 

Gaping, grey, 
Confused, aghast. 

Conscript clients, 

As cowards accept, 

The Lie of the Law 
Is Above the Law! 

And their ass!

Copyright  April 15, 1985   Daniel J. Lavigne 


Greed’s Gilded Guise

Caesar’s Craven Cowards


Consumate Christian Greed


Copper Crusted Chalices

to their

Coin Corrupted Creed.

Paying Unto Caesar

Enhancing Their Nuclear Might

Having Lost Their Humanity

They Risk Eternal Night. 

Lying To Their Children

And Living Their Own Lies

They Prayfully Counsel Murder

Insuring Their Paradise?

Copyright  May 16, 1986  

Daniel J. Lavigne



AArgh! Fools screamed when reading 

About He who dares To be! 

AArgh! Was their wounded cry 

When I laughed my loud Tee Hee! 

"Damned Fool" was their mutter 

Under foul and muted breath 

While damning the Refusal 

And envious of my wealth.

Damn our laws and government! 

That let taxfree roam free! 

While Ten Thousand Twiddlers 

Cry "Nail him to a tree!"! 

AArgh! They choked when counting 

38,000 sales this year!? 
And the 7% he's stealing! 

From the GST we hold so dear!?

But who will lay the law down? 

Who will plead the case? 

Our lawyers dare not face him 

They dare not risk their "face". 

Damn the greed he uses! 

To mock that which is our own 

And damned be his charges! 

To our judges in their gowns.

But who will dare to face him? 

And force him to back down? 

And make him pay as we do? 

Or chase him out of town? 

Do such "men" live near us? 

Will they dare step near? 

Or are we doomed to suffer 

His grin from ear to ear?

As his smile so gently tells us 

Every damned now and then 

You were born as cowards, fools  

And you'll never dare be men!

Copyright. November 19, 1998  Daniel J. Lavigne 


The Poet's Pain: 

The Fool As A Soldier

Fools, As  Soldiers, Heed Orders 

And Would Murder Their Mothers Asleep 

For If They Were So Instructed, Its True! 

Their Kin's Crime Against Country Was Deep!

Pity Such Hapless Mothers! 

That They Met Fools And Were Wed 

And From Their Foolish Thrustings 

More Fools Were Born In Their Beds!

Pity The Pain Of Poets 

As They Struggle So To Explain 

If Someone Needs To Be Murdered 

It Should Be By Knife And With Pain.

For Poets Were Born To Violence 

They Know The Form Of The Knife 

And They Curse The Stench Of Cowards 

Who Shoot When They're Told To Take Life!

Pity The Pain Of Poets 

Telling Tales To Please The Slow. 

And Writing Empty Cadences 

To Pace Coffins To Ground As They Flow.

Bah! To All Cowardly Bastards! 

As They Toss Their Pints In Their Halls! 

Bah! To All Cowardly Bastards! 

As They Speak Of The Men They Made Fall!

Bah! To Them All! They Are  Losers! 

That Cause Life To Be As It Is! 

And Bah! To Bastards With Glory Books! 

That Praise The Face Of The Kill!

Bah! To All Cowards And Losers! 

Perhaps Justice By Nature Is Best! 

You Are Too Plenty! You’re Breeders! 

To War Fools! With X On Your Chests!

Copyright. November 27, 1997 Daniel J. Lavigne


The Death Of Truth

Without Lament,  

It Gasped 
Then Died. 

None Cursed Its Passing 

Indeed, Most Applauded  

Their New Freedom  

To Lie Without Consequence  

Or Fear Of Discovery  
As Liars.

Copyright March 7, 1999  Daniel J. Lavigne

Please note that the above Poem has been dedicated to

America’s Presidential Pretense

Donald (D'Turnip) Trump

In Recognition of His

Useless Existence

As a Self-Motivated Fool and Liar


The Pulse Of Why

From slow awakening  

To the source of light 

Learning by day  

Growing by night 

We slowly develop a need to know 

Why are we here 

And why are we so?

From hesitant steps  

To full fledged strides 

We absorb knowledge  

Understanding and pride 

That we are  

We can think  

And guess beyond the nature of our being.

Through untold orbits  From lying inert 

We rose from the soil  Shook off the dirt 

And proclaimed  We are here! 

The gift of motion  Revealed!

Guardians of time  

Looking down 

Would they smile  

Or  frown?

Copyright November 21, 1997 Daniel J. Lavigne 


Too Quickly

Too quickly  
Life passes us by

I pray that you Lived!  

That you set yourself free! 

That you loved!  

Risked And Flew High!

For Death’s Quick Knock 

Awaits All.

Copyright December 20, 1998 Daniel J. Lavigne 


With Love To Our Mother

Our Steps Through Time Are Endless 

They Did Not Start With Our Cry At Our Birth 

Nor The Few Days That Were Given To Us 

As The Time Of Our Stay On This Earth.

Love Drove The Call To Our Being 

Love Drove Our Will To Exist 

Love Drove The Love Of Each Other 

And Love Knows That Love Always Lives.

With Such Love You Held And Told Us 

“Let Love Be Your Guide Through Your Days” 

And With Those Words, Oft Remembered, 

We Accepted What Life Sent Our Way.

And With These Words Dear Mother 

We’ll Not Fear Time’s Slow Advance 

For Love Knows We’ll Soon Meet Again 

And Share Eternity’s Dance.

Mildred, Muriel, Jean and Daniel 


Adieux, The Soldier;  

Adieux, The Fool

It is the fool, dressed as a soldier, 

Who first pulsed the hopes of greed 

That trusting sons, for a cheerful "Well Done!" 

Would Murder and Wound with Glee!

Pity such bastard children 

Who'd murder their kin in their sleep. 

Who as fools, as ignorant soldiers, all hope 

That greed's smile is theirs for the keep. 

Pity all ignorant bastards 

That repeat what is all too well known 

And harp about their false bravery 

As if others know not that dull tone!

Ring loud the bells at Adano! 

Soon you'll ring for me! 

I was born a man not a fool! 

And from idiots I'll set you free!

Then truth will hear your honest peel! 

Your ring in meadows green! 

And never again, will fools suspend 

The truth that was there to be seen!

Copyright. November 27, 1997 Daniel J. Lavigne 


The Fool

The Fool 

As An Armed 

And Uniformed Coward 

Has A Special Name 

He Is Known As  

Copyright. November 27, 1997 Daniel J. Lavigne 


By What Guise

By what guise, by what face 

Could humanity try to place 

The view of love, the depth of truth 

The peace of doves and anger's flute 

On common ground?

Copyright. January  4, 1997  Daniel J. Lavigne 


Hail The Conquering Hero

Hail this conquering hero? 

As bloodied from head to knee 

He greets defenders with a sneer 

And swirls his blade aglee.

Hail such bloodied bastards? 

And the fools that sing their songs? 

Nail their tongues to horses hooves! 

And flail their whores with thongs!

Hang such useless garbage 

And those that praise them so 

Let them rot a year or more 

So better thoughts may grow.

Now praise to our new heros! 
Planting seeds and such 

Easing life's set burdens 
Not turning men to mulch!

Copyright January 8, 1997 Daniel J. Lavigne 


President Trump:

What, Then, Is The Answer,

When Your Lies Are Not Enough?

Copyright, Left, Front, Back & Up & Down

this 16th Day of December 2017

Daniel J. Lavigne


Momentary Thoughts

Minutes into hours, hours into days 

Days into weeks as we travel our ways 

Moments of laughter, moments of love 

Forming the stream of our memories 

And our hopes for time to come.

Thoughts of the present, thoughts of the past 

Time to wonder, 'Can Our Ways Last?' 

Moments for reflection, moments to review 

Moments of  wondering, 'Can It Be True?' 

That do as we wish, 'We'll Never Have To Rue?'

Copyright January 9, 1997 Daniel J. Lavigne 


Mango Tax Tango

The mango is a fruit, that grows in a tree 

It can plop on your head, It can get you bit by a bee

The mango is a gift, I was told it was free 

Except  for the tax man, now running round my tree

With a bee for his bottom,  two for his ear 

Three for his swollen face, and a zillion to his fear.

The poor swollen sucker, he’s not fit for true work 

But spying for his masters, 

and bending for their pork.

Poor poky loser, his daddy was the same 

His mother overworked, until they made her lame

The Mango Tax Tango is more than just for two 

Its for a crowd, nice and loud, to poke poor poky through.

Copyright. 1996 Daniel J. Lavigne 


Spirit's Missiles

Do they exist, 

These forces on which we rely,

Those great unknowns 

For which we have murdered 

. . 
And prayed?

Do they laugh at our ways? 

Or cry?

Copyright.  April 1989  Daniel J. Lavigne 


Do The 20/20!

20 Thinking People, Grouped As A Whole

Times Twenty In A City, Working To A Goal. 

Times Twenty Days Of Action, 

To Do What They Must 

To Corner Greed's Bastards, 

And Turn Them Into Dust.

In Each And Every City, Spread Across The Land 

Terminating Bastards, With A One-A-Day Plan. 

20 Thinking People, Doing What They Must 

To Eradicate The Vile, And Build True Trust.

Drug Laws Are For Bastards, 

To Keep The Status Quo 

So They Can Keep The Power, 

And Make Their Budgets Grow!

To All Thinking People, Work As A Whole! 

Do The 20/20!  And Go For The Gold!

Copyright, January 25, 1997. Daniel J. Lavigne 


In Praise Of The Bard's Admonition

Dead dogs, lying, stinking in the heat 

Lame Street Lawyers fighting for the meat 

And Will, The Bard, Smiling on high 

Saying, 'Stand them in the tide and watch 'em bye!'

First you plant them, Four feet deep! 

Don't let them lie, tie them by the feet! 

Bang them on the noodle, poke’em on the nose 

Then set them free if they wiggle their toes; to-morrow.

In ‘must’ I trust, and Sherman’s love of cash 

But lying lawyers 'must' dare not pass 

Near my plate for I know full well 

They'd hang my cat and steal its bell.

But my cat 'Freedom' has quite the bark 

And such as lawyers should never park 

Too near the bay for they should know 

This cat, like Shakespeare, likes lawyers to go!

Copyright March 5, 1997 

Daniel J. Lavigne 



God’s gift, . . . abandoned. 

Knowledge . . . Lost! 

Bonding parents . . . to promises bought . . . 

Of greed’s desire granting all. 

They left the gift, . . . to seize the lie . . . 

That caring was evil! 

Condemned to repeat . . . 

Through time . . . and again . . . 

An argument not worth the making! 

Losing, again, the moment. 

Succumbing to evil’s thoughts, never learning . . . 

That greed’s madness holds ever tight . . . 

Those that never dare . . . But by night . . . 

D.J.L 1976 



Empty rhetoric, boiling 

Tied to violence minded tongues 

Blathering about Babylons 

And others evil-minded young. 

Why so lost to vacancy? 

To books of rules unused? 

Why so quick a latency 

For awesome power . . . fused? 

D.J.L. December 1995 



Why do thinkers bother you? Can they not see? 

Your health is great, your job secure, your future worry free! 

Reciting sports statistics; Viewing social plays; 

Putting pedal to the metal; Speeding through your days. 

Neighbours . . . local objects; 

Seen through curtained glass. 

Your shared concerns limited . . . 

To the price of gas. 

Dismiss starving children; 

Their cross not yours to bear. 

Their misery - not your fault. 

Why should you have shared? 

D J L Feb 24/96 



Sedition is such a lovely word 

Making politicians quiver! 

Sedition! Anarchy! 

Clogging up their livers! 

Such lovely words and useful tools 

To show them, grasping, greedy fools 

That freedom will not shirk 

Its duty to expose 

The evil that lurks 

In power seekers prose 

Sedition! Anarchy! 

Committing us to sanity! 

And lightful thoughts dispelling dark! 

Constructive thoughts inducing light! 

To humanity’s affairs worldwide. 

Where then will power’s bastards hide? 

Sedition! Anarchy! 

Committed by necessity! 

For a saner world with gentler thoughts 

A peaceful world where even sloth 

Is acceptable! 

Compared to evils wrought 

That curse our lives 

By profit minded men!  

D J L Jan 16/85 



Poor human child, born in grace, blessed with parents’ love 

But trapped in a frenzied race to maim and kill the doves. 

Why the play, the love, the ploy - why the birth, the pain, the toil? 

Why create and in love train to murder foul and kill in vain?

Hallowed be the mirror that reflects 

The prayerful sinner kneeling, in genuflect? 

Glisten softly rosary, in dawn’s sombre light 

But . . . grant the forgiveness that blunts a killer’s blight? 

Oh God! We pray! 

Our days are dark, the future vague and far! 

Why? We pray! 

We walk upright! 

Why have minds like tar? 

Why so lost that we transgress the meaning of our Kind? 

‘Cause greed for things has blinded all! . . . 

And we have lost our minds! 

D J L Feb. 25/96 



Political pawns, Promoting Profits, 

Possess No Principles; 

And Piss On Their Pride, 

When Plucking Poverty’s Poor. 

D.J.L. Meanderings Spring/85 


Love's Return

She called as I was writing some insignificant thing 

About duty and never conspiring to defeat the will of nature.

Stunned, I sat wondering. Where did time go? 

Just days past 
we were arguing about my looks at another. 

Now I'm gray.

How odd that we so pursue, fleeting smiles and wealth accrue 

While our other self, our mirrored soul, attempts to grow.

Does nature, with knowledge present, in our dreams of others  

Reflections of our inner selves?  Are we one? Does love live?

Why the quest? Why the thought? Why the act of mating sought? 

Do we think? Or merely pulse our existence and grab at love?

Copyright April 2, 1997 Daniel J. Lavigne 


Go Slowly To That Garden 

Go Slowly To That Garden  

Our lovely English Rose 

To lay amidst the flowers 

On your island of Repose.  

Go slowly with our love 

With tears and petals shed 

Go slowly with our hearts and minds 

To where you'll lay your head. 

Go slowly, loving mother 

As our hearts with sadness burst 

Go slowly, dear Diana, 

In that quiet, sombre, hearse. 

Go slowly, lovely lady, 

To your timeless, special place 

Go slowly loving Princess 

To that arbor with love graced. 

Go slowly, with love's own light, 

You were our brightest Rose 

Your sons walked, were men and wept 

Before they let you go.  

Go slowly England's Rose, and know 

With tears, hearts and love we pledge 

Your dreams are ours; your boys our keep, 

Your memory will always glow.   

To the power of love. 

Copyright.  September 6, 1997  

Daniel J. Lavigne  

"Go Slowly To That Garden” 

was written while watching

Princess Diana's

funeral procession

approach the church.


Then . . Bring us a Bomber's Head . . . For our Local "Shrink"!

Bombs going off in the morning

Bombs going off at night

Bombs blowing up people

Bombing them out of sight!

Bombs meant for children

Bombs meant for fools



Carrying Bombs for your Brothers!

And Bombs For Your Priests!

Carrying Bombs For your Mothers



Keep on Bombing All The Time!


And Your Children Should Be Fine!

For . . when your bombing


Yes When Your Bombing




And the World will Bomb With You!

To our last summer . . . ?

June 21, 2017

**** ****

Today, February 5, 2018

On the edge of a Jungle Area in Cambodia

Realizing that our unavoidable

Near Term Extinction

cannot be confronted by anything less

than taking a risk and




has led “me” (of all people!)

to consider abandoning the fight

to wake fellow humans.

I should, as our near future so plainly appears in the mind of any, who care to risk the time you’ll CRY, when you understand what our children face.

To continue, I have just posted the following as a rebuttal to a video, being:

🦊D’Fox & Friends @ 🦊 have a Special Message!

Prof. Guy McPherson is right! And "Giving Up" isn’t allowed!

We need to keep everything on an even keel! And


Hope With The Pope! Could that save Us?

As our Food disappears due to Greed?

By doing such, might we AVOID being Mulch,

As Children Scream for An Answer?

If "Hope" is for "Dopes"; 



Might be the answer!?

(So I ask!)

Might be the answer!?

Help Trump Decide!

Use !

Find something!

With which . . . you might, some how, be able . .

To Poke Him! Deep . . .  Very Deep!  . . . Inside!

And so save our Children

Regardless His Permission . . .


Sit & Bitch? - Or Work & Pitch?

Make Politicians Answer!

& tell them to read "Life's Dusty Passing" as found at



“Heil Twitler!”


He acts to save


Such aside . . . the matter of

🦊The White Roses🦊

has arisen as

“Good Germans

contemplate what

They Must Do

to save a world for our children.


The following is from a USENET post dated January 4, 1998:

Hermann Stoehr, lacking the qualitys to become a tax twiddler or some other
such coward, was hanged by Hitler's twiddlers rather than submit to the inked
regulations of that bastard's regime! 

His promotion of the duty of German citizens to think about the actions of the
Nazis and the only possible outcome of such insanity led to a determination by
many younger Germans to resist the cowards who would have them wage war
against peaceful neighbors. 

The "White Roses", who looked upon Hermann Stoehr as their hero and guiding
light, died, for all intents and purposes, when their driving force, a young
girl, her brother and her young lover were beheaded by bastards too cowardly
to answer the call to duty and resist the fools that so misled that nation! 

May such as Hermann Stoehr and "The White Roses" always be remembered!
Walk Proud Hermann 

Walk slowly in that garden Herman
Your measured steps are known
You walked with head held high
Past cowards so forlorn. 

You knew the price of meaning
And knew that they did not
Walk proud Hermann, you lit our way
We share the moment of your drop! 

You lit our way Oh Hermann!
As we abandoned our parents' greed
You led our thoughts Oh Hermann!
Our future will know its seed! 

We shared your apprehensions
Then felt free to let self go
As the blade that took our necks
Failed to make our spirits slow! 

Bled White were the Roses
As we plied and scrawled our plea
That good Germans should stand upright
And hang Hitler from a tree! 

Such did not develop!
Cowardice reigned profound!
The love of life was lightly prized
We were doomed to Hallowed Ground! 

Live high Hermann! You were the soul!
That Led Us From Parents Meek!
Smile Long Hermann That We Rose!
And Held Our Colour As Our Blood Flowed! 

Copyright. January 4, 1998 Daniel J. Lavigne 

- On the occassion of the 100th Anniversary of the birth
of Hermann Stoehr who sneered at his executioners before being hung at
Hitler's command, because he refused to surrender to societal insanity. 

His fortitude inspired thousands of young Germans to turn their backs on
parents who dared to have children while knowing they were cowards who would
surrender to loud noises! The leaders of “The White Roses” were beheaded near
the end of the Second World War after being discovered in the process of
throwing flyers from the spire of a church informing fellow Germans of the
atrocitys being perpetrated against Jews, Gypsys and countless others in
nearby concentration camps. 

Hermann Stoehr and "The White Roses" could never share the cowardice and empty
character of  "Tax Twiddlers". They would have have said a loud and declatory
"No!" to "The Question": 

“Does my birth as a human being truly condemn
me to paying taxes to or otherwise supporting
a society so cowardly and lost to the madness
of greed as to participate in plans and preparations
to wage nuclear war and risk thereby the murder
of hundreds of millions of defenceless fellow
human beings?” 



Axe Them All! 

Axe Them All! 

Axe Them All! 

The "Feds"! 

And Their "Farts"! 

Do Them All! 

Axe Them For Breathing 

And Any Old Thing! 

Axe Them For Wheezing 

When Pulling Your Strings! 

Axe Them All! 

Axe Them All! 

Axe Them All! 

Axe Their Twits! 

And Their Fools! 

In Their Stalls! 

Axe Their Damned Judges!! 

And Their Crowns All Agilt! 

Axe Them Into the Ground! 

So They'll Bleed In The Silt! 

Axe Them All! 

Axe Them All! 

Axe Them All! 

Until There's No Fools Left To Call! 

For Its Their Brains By The Dozens! 

We’ll Bake In Their Ovens 

When They're Axed 

Then Bashed 

(This Fall!)?? 

Axe Them All! 


Copyright. Daniel J. Lavigne


To a Safer, Saner and More Caring World

wherein the YOUNG might, YET,

wake THE REST to the reality that we


“if”  WE  wish  to save our world.

**** ****  Copyright 2019 Daniel J.  Lavigne