Political Targets

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Now is probably the optimum time to select your "Political Targets" and confront them.

Also, confront each and every person who refused to store their personal vehicle due their refusal to shed their "Prized Mobility". (By doing so we would have stopped adding the heat released to our atmosphere by some 900 Million vehicles, each day.) 

However, its too late and there is NOTHING we can do to apologize to the young who had no responsibility for what we have brought upon them. 

That the selfish and eternally greedy will refuse to accept their guilt for their non-stop contribution to the problem, will be self-limiting as their sudden shame due sudden awareness leads them to commit suicide. Period. No apologies. 

My thanks to Guy McPherson; and my curses towards all who, due greed and / or stupidity refused to wake back in 1987 when we KNEW where this was headed!



Oh Dodo! 
Where did you go?

You were so many, 
a short while ago.

What could have happened, 

Why weren’t we aware?

That after the killing, 

You wouldn’t be there!

Poor Dodo, parent and child! 

Lost to a nature so violent!  

So vile! Dodos! 

Why are we so?

Copyright. August, 1985 

Daniel J. Lavigne

    Copyright 2017 Daniel J.  Lavigne