ManKind / ManCruel

“ManKind / ManCruel” was written while I was living in a distant state of mind. One that I remain unable to remember, to this day, since “Awakening” at some point between June and September 2009. 

I address that period and the totality of my life, as best as is possible given the limits under which I function, in my forthcoming book: “Purported Pedophile”


Apologies for the various printing problems therein. I shall soon review, edit and correct whatever mistakes appear and do so, hopefully, without changing what which was then offered. Thank you.

Eternity, divided by the flash of life, Is longer enjoyed by man and wife. For theirs is the gift to truly know 

That troubles pass and cares forego More easily with love.

D.J.L. Spring/90  

In the early 60's, the writer predicted the present state of society and its utter collapse and dissolution within a few decades following the turn of the century. 

After years on the sidelines of the "The Peace Movement",  he challenged, then dared, the Canadian government to charge him over his wilful refusal to file tax returns to or pay taxes in support of a lost and violent society. The following was published on Tuesday, June 16, 1987 in the "Letters To The  Editor" columns of The Toronto Star in Canada: 

Refusal to pay taxes anti-military stand

                 Perrin Beatty's exposure to and dealings with the smiling manipulators of 
           NATO's various military-industrial complexes confirms the credo, ãPower 
           corrupts . . . absolute power corrupts absolutely.ä 

             With neither Beatty, as revenue minister, nor his successor, Elmer MacKay 
           having the courage to use their laws, courts and judges to challenge my 
           absolute refusal to pay taxes or file tax returns to a society racing to disaster, 
           how can Beatty now justify asking for $200 billion to further accelerate that 
           race? How can MacKay justify attempts to have conscientious objectors to 
           mass murder pay for Beattyâs enrichment of the worldâs arms merchants? 

              While the majority, as lost and cowardly fools, may choose to embrace the 
           madness of greed, that does not terminate the right and duty of the minority 
           to refuse to support policies or societies that endanger humanityâs existence. 

             If Beatty, MacKay, Mulroney et al, are as courageous as they would have all 
           believe, they should risk placing my refusal before a jury and let a complete 
           and fair judicial process rule on the ãright and dutyä of individuals to refuse 
           to fund preparations that involve the denial of our humanity, risks of our 
           extinction as a species and the continuing destruction of our environment. 

             Other activists should balance their striving for public acceptance against 
           the immediacy of the danger and consider it their special duty to participate 
           in a similar refusal. 

           Daniel J. Lavigne  
           Founder, Coordinator  
           International Humanity House  

He became the first citizen of a Commonwealth nation to gain a lawfully won acknowledgement, as part of a conditional decision, on December 12, 1988, in The Federal Court of Canada - Trial Division -T2020-88; ãDaniel J. Lavigne,  Plaintiff, versus Her Majesty The Queen, Defendant,  that; (paraphrasing, in part, from the statement of claim) ãthe fact of one's existence as a human being grants and imposes on one Îan unassailable right and a concurrent and unavoidable duty to refuse to file tax returns to, or pay taxes in support of, a society so lost and cowardly  as  to participate in plans and preparations  involving the will and the capacity to use nuclear and other weapons of mass murder against fellow defenceless human beings. 

The court, acting as a serf protecting its masterâs interests and thereby  unable and unwilling to deal openly with the matter, recoiled from his accusations that courts and judges were as responsible as all others for societyâs accelerating collapse into anarchy. And, responding to his closing statement that their kind had brought ãthe rule of law into contempt and disreputeä,  fled the courtroom screaming, ãThe registrar will note your comment!ä.  

His speech to the court, putting it on notice as to the requirement of the courtâs own rules in such proceedings, was not recorded but is available from photocopies that he presented to two University of Toronto professors and one other who attended the trial.  The result  confirmed his prediction that the court would flee and abandon the matter to the political arena. [ If the  registrar did note the comments in accordance with the courtâs fleeing outburst, it was deleted from the copy presented to the writer post trial.] 

His accusations may be reviewed by contacting the court and securing the statement of claim that he employed to quietly but forcefully and effectively point out their culpable involvement in the criminal insanity of society's support of "Civilised preparations to wage mass murder". Included in a letter to Elmer MacKay, Revenue Minister, Canada, August 1986 

A sun, a face . . . . .danger!  
Camouflaged cowards!  
Soldiers . . . . in place! 

A child, a smile,  
An order, a shot.  
A lad, so innocent,  
Is left to rot. 

Participate in plans that entail preparations to murder hundreds of millions of human beings? NEVER!  MR. McKay - NEVER!   

             Those who would have their governments consider ãPeace Tax Fundsä should 
           rethink their various premises and their failure, as adults, to deal effectively 
           with the reality of societal insanity.  

             Questions. Who do ãactivistsä rely on for the larger part of their operational 
           budgets?  How often have you heard a politician address a government 
           regarding some crassly worded shouts and signs?  To all who call themselves 
           ãactivistä; guard against blandishments, bullshit and government cohorts 
           and remember the meaning of the term ãCo-optedä. Ask yourselves this: 
           ãJust who do we think is listening to us, the government? And if they are 
           listening, are they doing anything?ä  Fat chance folks! 

           Concerned about our descent to environmental catastrophe?  Answer these 

             (a) ãHow can we expect society at large to support plans that require a deep 
           and abiding concern for future generations  while it willingly  pays to 
           participate in plans and preparations involving the will and the capacity to 
           use nuclear and other weapons of mass murder against hundreds of millions 
           of  defenceless fellow human beings?ä; and  

             (b) ãIf we really cared about our humanity, would we allow governments to 
           borrow against the future in order to be able, Îif need beâ  to murder 
           hundreds of millions of our fellow humans today?ä 

             The above word ãwillinglyä is appropriate - the conditional decision of the 
           Federal Court - Trial Division in T2020-88 grants Canadians a lawful 
           acknowledgement of their right to opt out of the insanity;  and common law 
           dictates that the same argument can be used in any ãcivilised nationä.   

                                                             SOCIETAL SANITY IS POSSIBLE

             Courage sufficient to refuse to support the murdering urges of madmen is all 
           that is required. 

             Avoiding these questions confirms oneâs existence as a moral coward and 
           states to all knowledgeable people that anything done by that person in the 
           name of grace and love was falsely given including donations, if any, to 
           peace/activist groupsä and any ãSave the Childrenä or other such funds. (In 
           amelioration, it can probably be said that such donations were also falsely 

                                                                 THE COST OF COWARDICE

             Few are the ãfreedomsä obtained by compromise and none are more 
           imprisoned than those who obediently support their oppressor. 

             Useless are those who believe ãothersä will reverse the course of the growing 
           ecological/ environmental disaster and hopeless are those who believe a 
           ãGodä will solve the problems of mankind. 

             Worthless are the values of societys participating in plans and preparations 
           involving the will and the capacity to use nuclear and other weapons of  mass 

             Few are those who refuse to bow to the ãauthorityä of societys that have lost 
           the capacity to reason within the framework of reality. 

             Fewer less are those possessing the courage to say and do what must be said 
           and done to awaken humanity to the dangers it poses to its continued 

             My refusal to pay taxes in support of the cowards of this world continues, 
           regardless of all machinations that would force me to bow in surrender. 


                                                                  Choosing . . .  Seeking Life.  
                                                            Through Knowledge And Truth.  
                                                                         All should so strive.  
                                                      Not live for cowards and sinful greed;  
                                                   Nor losersâ religions, nor profitsâ creeds. 
                                                                                                                                                                          D.J.L. APRIL 15/89 
                                           Society now struggles under a mountain of debt 

             To whom is that mountain ofãdebtä owed? And why? The creation of those 
           debts in favour of a few, and the determination of those few to have society 
           guarantee payment, continues our drift to disaster. With more than six 
           billion people now populating the planet, the sheer magnitude of ãprogressä 
           will dictate that some will not have jobs; that some will have to be supported 
           by the more capable. That support must be willingly supplied lest the chaos of 
           complete anarchy befall us . . . . lest  greed, completing its circle, require 
           ãholders of public debenturesä to obtain what nourishment they can from 
           the paper in their vaults. 

              Could it be that our salvation might lie in the recognition that because we 
           are human and can think, we should do so . . . before our apparent hate and 
           distrust of each other causes us to use our weapons of mass murder, including 
           those now available to the most average of adults? 

             The well hidden self-contempt of cowards, combined with an enhanced need 
           to guarantee their self-preservation, leads to an overwhelming desire to be 
           able, if need be, to kill all holders of opposing points of view. That affliction is 
           so firmly entrenched worldwide, that constructive discussions regarding 
           stratagems for human sanity and survival are extremely difficult to arrange 
           and, when they do take place, are subject to the quantified and measurable 
           fear of contemplative cowards doing their utmost to protect vested interests.  

             Canadaâs  descent to ãgun controlä confirms the fears of politicians 
           worldwide.  That their lies will be stuffed through the gaping holes in their 
           heads placed there by individuals who have said ãEnough!ä. [Although I 
           believe in gun control; given the level of societal insanity that now afflicts all 
           of humanity, only fools would be against such controls. But gun control for 
           everybody?  How can it be achieved?] 

                                                                      TAX GRABBER BLUES 

                                                 Tax collectors blues.Unable to understand  
                      An individual who, quite simply, will not support societal insanity.  
                 Perhaps, as lost and cringing cowards, they court corruptionâs charms?  
                                       . . . while conscientious care givers carefully create?  
                                                                                                                                                                            D.J.L. "Meanderingsä  Spring/85

                                                                    OKLAHOMA EXPLODES!

             The murder of adults and children including fools and innocents by gun 
           carrying cowards in Waco, Texas is avenged by a similar sort. Disregarding 
           their knowledge that Koreshâs ãchildrenä were trapped in a situation not of 
           their making, FBI agents initiated a lethal attack in fulfilment of orders 
           assertingãthe authority of their governmentä and theãlegitimacy of their 
           right to force immediate and abject surrenderä to their demands. That 
           particular madness, that special insanity, has now come full circle.  

           Was the destruction of the federal building in Oklahoma predictable?  

             YES.  By millions of lethargic ãWho cares?ä citizens as they watched the 
           Îlawfulâ murder of fellow humans by government agents; and by the lost and 
           corrupted minds of those who believe they possess the legal and moral right to 
           order such deaths.  

             More than simply ãYesä.  Federal agents, fearing that act of vengeful 
           retribution, had ensured that mostly others and not their kind would 
           populate the majority of similar buildings until after the feared wave of 
           vengeance passed. Many such buildings have now been abandoned by federal 
           agencys and leased to other private and public interests. While the results of 
           the homemade bomb was catastrophic, the now public knowledge of its 
           makeup allows experts to state that  the addition of another easily available 
           ingredient and sidewall damping could have magnified/focused its force by a 
           factor of 8 to 10. What then would the scene have looked like? How hollow and 
           impotent then the pride of those who cheered the murders of the 
           individualists and their innocent and defenceless children in Waco? 

            The above and countless actions similar to that of an uncontrollable FBI 
           agent leading to the murder of a woman and her son in the ãRuby Ridgeä 
           matter and the subsequent and successful lawsuit by her ãactivistä husband 
           should scream to all that they reconsider their worship at the pedestal of 
           modern industry; and price the cost of their surrender to the insanity of 

            ãThe slowest death is one by threat. As painful as the lies we live . . . and tell 
           to our children.ä  We have developed the means by which we can clothe, house 
           and feed everyone in the world. Rather than do so, we support plans that 
           involve the will and the capacity to create(!) and maintain a means by which 
           we can kill every living thing on the planet including animal and plant life. 

            Why does a minority of humanity aspire to do the first? . . . While the 
           majority elects to public offices, and reverentially fear and support, those 
           who forcefully maintain their resolve to do the latter, ãif need be, in defence 
           of our way of life?ä 


                                                  In thought and time and aimless wander,  
                                                 Lives of despair, by Mancruel squandered. 

                                                   In thought and time and endless despair  
                                                           Of losersâ wars and polluted air; 

                                                           Why?!! I ask. That we so wander,  
                                                We have the thoughts, Why the squander? 

                                                  Of lifeâs vitality, our constructive hopes?  
                                                       Did our cowardice produce the rope? 

                                                        That hangs our freedoms  . . . .  lost!  
                                             To the vile and violent who have no thoughts, 

                                                                           Other than they!!  
                                                         Their ways!! Their vicious wants!! 

                                          Stop! Why not to-day with cowardice conquered,  
                                              With thought regained . . . thwart Mancruel!! 
                                                                                                                                                                        D.J.L. SEPT. 12/84 
             With the advent of home-brewed ãSarinä to ãCircular Siphonsä, ãCCMâsä 
           and ãFACDâsä it should be clear to even the most deceitful of politicians and 
           their acquiescent electorate that a desire to control ãothersä is self-defeating; 
           that ãprogress in arms and self-defenseä has resulted in an absolute threat to 
           all values including that of ãfreedom of speech and associationä. 

             Anyone can now commit mass murder. Your neighbour, in a pique of 
           modern, empty anger can utilise a circular siphon to introduce home-brewed 
           Sarin, or similar, into the municipal water supply and murder all fellow 
           citizens in the surrounding neighbourhoods overnight without a shot or 
           shouted emotion. Perhaps the time has come for all to evaluate the meaning 
           of relationships including care, concern and  . . . amity? 


             Greed has led to the incarceration of mounting numbers of police including, 
           recently, four of the top members of the United States Drug Enforcement 
           Agency. The dishonesty of drug laws and the associated profits available to 
           even the lowliest of dealers because of the existence of such laws, has 
           accelerated the growth of contempt for the rule of law. That contempt, due to 
           worldwide governmental corruption, now prods the advent of anarchy. 

             A contempt so deeply rooted that police officers throughout North America 
           acknowledge that many trials involving those not perceived as ãgood 
           citizensä are tainted due to the degree of racism and plain contempt for all 
           others now apparent in the police fraternity. The case of  Abu- Jamal in the 
           State of Pennsylvania comes to mind. 

             Police in that state  are determined that a black man shall pay with his life 
           to atone for the murder of one of their fellow officers. No one will be able to 
           save Abu- Jamal. Available evidence, not allowed at trial by a ãlaw and 
           orderä judge, points to his probable innocence. Worse, he was unable to have 
           the court give weight to any of his statements. Having lived a rather 
           interesting life due to his involvement in the Black Panthers, he, 
           nevertheless, has no prior record of illegal conduct. Woe to him. Persons 
           possessing principles and courage sufficient to order a new trial or to 
           commute the sentence of death do not exist. 

             The larded Limbaughs of this world will applaud the executionerâs vile act, 
           while ignoring the open-face hypocrisy of ãdrug lawsä.  ãLawsä designed for 
           losers who will do nothing while corrupt police forces laugh at them for being 
           so stupid and cowardly as to refuse to understand and defeat the perverse 
           psychology of such laws. 

             So comfortable with their involvement, our police televise the bully tactics 
           they employ against younger dealers;  while muting or otherwise avoiding all 
           reference to the fact that they will not go face to face with those who threaten 
           them with death should they interrupt their merchandising plans. 

             Indeed, fearing to intervene in ãTurf Warsä, they publicly ask the 
           participants to avoid the killing of innocent bystanders. The public, upon 
           hearing of a drug bust, generally assume that it was a group of beginners who 
           were interfering with  police control of the local drug trade.  

             Gutted sheep acknowledge that the only reason such laws exist is to confirm 
           and expand the power of the legal bureaucracy and their uniformed 
           henchmen; then meekly surrender to demands for  increased crime fighting 

             While they bleat, an English archbishop is denounced by church eunuchs for 
           stating that we must strike all reference to such laws from all criminal codes 
           or face an uncontrollable world wide spread in infectious diseases such as aids 
           and hepatitis. 

             In a similar response, asserting their ãRight To Controlä, Canadaâs 
           government calls for an increased minimum penalty ($2,000.00) on a first 
           conviction for mere possession of marijuana for personal use. (And then runs 
           from a confrontation with the free people of Kanesetake?) 


                                                Democracy, diffused, dictated . . . destroyed  
                                                                    By offers of employment  
                                             From deathâs fawning merchants  (The fools!)  
                                                             Greedy for government largess. 
                                                                                                                                                                           D.J.L. "Meanderingsä  Spring/85 
             Millions of people in ãThird Worldä countries now act on their growing 
           knowledge of how they were used to form fortunes for others who cared not 
           one whit whether they lived or died.  

             Accelerating the madness, they now take whatever advantage of global 
           markets and resources needed to avenge the insult, expanding societyâs 
           exposure to the ravages of environmental and ecological disasters while it 
           bleats the blahs of personal concerns for a greater share of ãthingsä. 

                                                                    LIFEâS DUSTY PASSING 

                                                                                  Ghost grey,  
                                                                             Industrial pall.   
                                                                        Screening our greed,   
                                                                             Hiding our gall.  
                                                                         Deflecting our view   
                                                                  Of a dust laden extinction.  
                                                                      Answering our follies,   
                                                                     Our demands of MORE!! 
                                                                                                                                                                        D.J.L. "Meanderingsä  Spring/85

                                        Familiarity  Always Breeds The Blase Of Contempt 

             So aware of our innate capacity for deceit and so familiar with each othersâ 
           daily lies, we ignore all arguments that would have us consider constructive 
           change. We do this while we cringe before and pay  humble praise to elected 
           officials who pass Îlawsâ allowing them to take what they wish from our 
           pockets, pay cheques and savings accounts for their personal needs and 
           initiatives. Political greed secured equals human needs denied. Ask any 
           disadvantaged person. 

             Most, believing that the destruction of natureâs gifts is natural, given the 
           dark nature of humankind as understood and practised by the majority, have 
           abandoned hope of a better future. 

             While bastard politicians and their progeny, bureaucrats, grow fat at public 
           troughs, they ignore all protests, insisting that ãall is as it should beä.  

             Indeed! They seek self-promotion while enlisting the assistance of their 
           courts, judges and other facets of their ãLegal Establishmentsä by promises to 
           protect the pay and pensions of their cozy backroom pals, believing that the 
           self-contempt of cowards and those who are lost to the madness of greed will 
           prevent any organised revolt against their lies, taxes and  laws; that fools will 
           never say ãEnough!ä; that judges will ever dare to reject their present 
           contempt for their oaths ãTo serve the needs of justiceä and that they will 
           continue, as depended upon by corrupt politicians the world over, to serve the 
           will of evil. 

                                                                       BURYING BASTARDS 

                                                                    Power seeking bastards!!  
                                                           Weâll make you stop and think!!  
                                                          Our lives youâve made a hellhole!  
                                                         From love youâve made us shrink! 

                                                                       Power seeking leeches  
                                                              With your power sucking ways  
                                                                   Our dreams youâve spoilt! 

                                                                    Our lives youâd waste!  
                                                                 Yet dare to make us pay??!! 

                                                                       Lip puckered leeches!  
                                                                   To communicate in clear!  
                                                            Your violence we will terminate  
                                                            And the greed you hold so dear!! 

                                                                   Sap sucking warmongers!  
                                                                       We have had enough!  
                                                              Of your blood sucking hunger!  
                                                                   And your ego driven lust! 

                                                                        Sap sucking cowards!  
                                                                       We have had enough!  
                                                                           The one for Litton  
                                                                        Was very little stuff! 

                             To the sane, who, in timely fashion, will do what is required   
                                              to protect humanityâs constructive progress. 
                                                                                                                                                                         D.J.L. "Meanderingsä  Spring/85 

                                                     ACKNOWLEDGING ONEâS HUMANITY

             The madness of greed, if allowed to continue its worldwide spread, will lead 
           us to a blood soaked pit of societal insanity. While many speak of a belief in 
           things spiritual, they acknowledge and then ignore the nudge: ãto abandon 
           hope is a sinä.  And they ignore the painful knowledge that supporting a 
           society that has abandoned reason is an abandonment of  hope. 

             Philosophical arguments about hope and humanityâs possible chance of 
           avoiding a self-inflicted catastrophe in the near term are meaningless if they 
           do not encompass the reality that we must learn to consider ourselves as 
           possibly the only sentient life in the known universe. (This statement is not 
           meant to exclude other primates and cetaceans who may well have a similar 

             Reaching that understanding could lead to an exponential increase in our 
           efforts to protect human evolution from the evil within us. The logic, of 
           course, being that if we believe ourselves to be the sole centre of life as we 
           know it in the Universe, we should act in a rational manner to enhance and 
           expand our existence; and, if we believe we are not alone, we should still act in 
           a rational manner. And do so as to prepare ourselves for greater voyages of 
           discovery throughout space and the very real possibility that we will in time 
           be exposed to other intelligent forms of life. Entities that may well be so 
           superior to ourselves as to assess the way  we presently deal with each other 
           and other earthly life forms as indicative of being akin to animals fit for 
           experimental purposes. 

                                                             SINKING THE SHIPS OF STATE 

                                                              Ships of state, sinking society,  
                                                                             Bear no respect!  
                                                                                  Better Yet!  
                                                          Societyâs birth . . .  Now protected  
                                                                          By Storming seas!!   
                                                              By that reasoning humanity!! 

                                                                                  That winds  
                                                                                Swell the seas  
                                                                          To sink those ships  
                                                    That render misnamed our humanity!  
                                                         To send those fools . . . . to finality! 

                                                                                 For courage!  
                                                                            And then awake!  
                                                                 To true conscience! Awake!  
                                                            And condemn guiltâs vile greed  
                                                                       To Mancruelâs Ashes! 
                                                                                                                                                                        D.J.L. "Meanderingsä  Spring/85 

             Mass migration, fleeing refugees and the continuing atrocities throughout 
           the world on behalf of governments and other groups should state to all that 
           cowardice has a price. 

             Allowing any government or religious group to dictate the conditions of life 
           to anyone endangers all. Everyday compliance to the dishonesty of civil 
           servants and mendacious religious beliefs leads to freedom abridged then 
           curtailed ãby rule of customä and ãrule of lawä. All must develop the courage 
           to realise and admit that they no longer speak openly and honestly. 

             Other than the Serbs of Bosnia. They have made their decision. Woe to them 
           when other countries decide to interfere in what is essentially a civil war. As 
           they must interfere due to the Serbs pronouncements that they are not so 
           lost as a people as to live under the rules of others. And that will never do. 
           Others may soon start to think of the worth of true personal freedom and 
           responsibility. What then would happen to authoritarian structures? 

              The Serbs of Bosnia will continue however. They acknowledge their special 
           existence as a gift too precious to abandon to the greed and lies of those who 
           would force them to live in abject obedience to the rules and laws of what, to 
           them, is an alien religion. Woe to the targets of Serbian retaliation when the 
           leaders of the interfering countries use the sons of fools to ãrightfully 
           correctä  an ãintolerable situationä. 

                                                                        SOLDIERâS LAMENT 

                                                                          Iâve Tasted Anger   
                                                                               On My Tongue  
                                                                            Obeyed ãOrdersä  
                                                                              Projected Hate   
                                                                                Pointed Guns  
                                                                               And Murdered  
                                                               And Hang My Head In Shame. 
                                                                                                                                                                        D.J.L. "Meanderingsä  Spring/85 

                                           REFUGEES, IMMIGRATION AND GUN CONTROL

             Refugees are a threat to most nations, unless such nations have a vast 
           reservoir of capable individuals who will not allow greed and expedience to 
           usurp established freedoms and patterns of life.  

             Patriots should do whatever required to rid their countries of cowards and 
           the contagious madness of greed. 

             Rather than abandoning their home countries to despots, would-be refugees 
           should develop spine and principle  sufficient to fight their oppressors and 
           create a better way of life.  

             Patriots of host countries must insist and ensure that the pegs and pawns of  
           politics not use such and similar cowards as a politically dependent and 
           dependable sub-electorate. 

             While Canadaâs electorate salivates as sheep before the butcher; Alan Rock 
           and his party continue to desecrate the Innuâs homelands.  And earn enough 
           money in the process, some $100,000,000.00++ per annum from military 
           allies, to partially pay for the cost of disarming those who could endanger 
           their place at the trough . . . the presently compliant Canadian citizen. 
           [Instead of gun control for a proper reason - gun control to ensure that those 
           they oppress will be defenceless!] 

             Disarming a powerless electorate will not lead us to a safe society under ãThe 
           Rule Of Lawä.  Criminals are not subject to the same level of cowardice that 
           afflicts most ãLaw-abiding citizensä. They will continue to obtain weapons at 
           will for use at any time of their choosing, all the while laughing at those 
           without courage to act in their own defence.  

             The right of self- defence, including use of a weapon for self-protection or to 
           apprehend a fleeing felon, must be formally legalised and publicised. If 
           citizens are denied that right, it cannot but follow that police must also be 
           denied that right and the weapons that protect their similarly non-existent 
           right of ãself-defenceä. 

             The hard reality is this:  Human garbage is always prepared to use lethal 
           force to have its way. Be sufficient unto yourself and be prepared to act when 
           required. And then argue your right to defend yourself before a court and not 
           rely on some prosecutor to obtain justice for your family. Thatâs not what 
           prosecutors seek by the way. They get paid to ãenforce the lawä and a chance 
           to put feathers in their political hats. Should they win a conviction, a 
           celebration might be in order;  if not, they simply say ãnext timeä. 

             Thatâs the way it is. Forget about the present dishonesty of the legal 
           establishment regarding the ãlawä on ãself-defenceä. You have a right to it 
           as did the old timer who recently protected his store in South-Western 
           Ontario. The judge, although granting an absolute discharge, failed in his 
           duty to the gentleman and the community. The judge had the right to dismiss 
           and should have dismissed the matter with a statement of thanks on behalf of 
           the court and society. Because of that judgment the old timer will probably 
           sell out; or store his weapons leaving himself exposed as helpless prey to 
           societyâs garbage. 

             What is necessary is a law stating that the use of any weapon while 
           committing a criminal act will incur a penalty of ãxä years imprisonment 
           without parole over and above any other punishment meted out by the 
           courts, and that the time of such other punishment will not be counted until 
           the ãxä number of years of  imprisonment has taken place. Any other 
           approach is a plump of  half-digested politics. 


                                                                        When Days Are Done  
                                                                         Their Shadows Gone  
                                                                     Will Life Still Survive? 

                                                                            If Cast Adrift . . .   
                                                                      To Speed Past Time . . .   
                                                                  And Meet Itself Half-born? 

                                                                                And So Adrift  
                                                                              Could Thought  
                                                                                      In Time  
                                                                                Birth Reason  
                                                                            Quietly Sublime? 
                                                                                                                                                                        D.J.L. May 25/89

                                                                        SAYING ãENOUGH!ä

             A Japanese philosopher, the leader of ãThe Supreme Truthä, has had 
           enough.  Though blind, he has readily seen the increasing level of evil and 
           insanity (listen closely to the words employed by most government 
           employees) and has chosen to attempt to reverse its course by utilising a 
           similar insanity.  His strategy is as evil as the practice of governance by most 
           nations and will fail.  

              He should have directed the attacks against  those individuals he knew to be 
           most responsible for the spreading madness. Japanâs security forces will find 
           him. He will be caught, paraded and executed. 

             In the aftermath, the balance of Japanâs cowed citizenry will bow in 
           sanctification of the greed that curses their existence and causes their 
           suffering.  If  such actions are to effect constructive change, they must be 
           directed at individuals  who damn society with duplicitous words and conduct 
           . . . .  and the fools who help them. 

                                                                           TO REASON WON 

                                                              Why the anger, why the pain?  
                                                       Were our births, our deaths in vain? 

                                                  To stand erect, . . .  then break the bounds  
                                                  To rise on high and see this planet round. 

                                           Then surrender to violence in deep inner cores;  
                                        Speeches hard and bloody, not counting the score.  


                                           That should be earthly life? A pointless dream?  
                                                      Of useless thoughts? And love so sere? 

                                                                       WHY,  THEN,  EXIST? 

                                            To hide our hypocrisy while we knowingly pour  
                                                  Youthâs high hopes onto dirt laden gore? 

                                                    Why such folly? Can we not give pause?  
                                             To the balm of reason and reflect upon cause? 

                                                      Greed. The problem. Practised by all.  
                                                          Forestalls reason, risking our fall. 

                                 Which, while earned by the many, could payment denied  
                                               Tame cowardsâ anger and turn bloody tides? 
                                                                                                                                                                          D.J.L. May 7/89 
             If we are human . . . should we not require of each other that we act as such?  
           Is there any other choice?  Our spineless submission to the evil of empty 
           religion is responsible for the vilest of acts perpetrated on each other and the 
           balance of life on the planet.  Is it not time, YET(!!), to realize that we MUST 

             Choosing to believe in an omnipotent power should include a belief that 
           truth, responsibility and caring always be in our uppermost thoughts. We 
           have choices to make, and A DUTY to ensure that calm and deliberate 
           reasoning precede our choosing. 

              The very survival of ãLifeä is at risk. The madness of greed is now so 
           virulent and widespread that politicians pass laws to hide the truth about 
           our plunge to environmental disaster and about their use of political 
           processes for personal enrichment. And pass yet more laws to protect 
           themselves from the rightfully alarmed. 

             In those attempts they exacerbate the problem, pay homage to the whores 
           and patronise the pimps producing ãentertainmentä and guarantee the 
           spread of societal insanity to everyone including the worldâs children.  Could 
           you help to halt and heal that madness?  . . . .  The problem  grows deeper. 

             While politicians know of their guilt, the fast spreading strain of their 
           madness denies them the principles and courage sufficient to admit the truth 
           and risk a cure.  

             Humanityâs survival may be in the hands of individuals who possess the 
           courage and determination to identify the vile and to act to educate or 
           eradicate them, one at a time. (A ãOne-A-Dayä plan?) 

             Any such person must be prepared to do so without desire for public 
           recognition as none will be forthcoming. Indeed the masters of greed will do 
           everything in their power to neutralise such individuals before they can 
           carry out the necessary cleansing . . . and to punish all who failed to tell them 
           of their knowledge of such individuals. 

             However, it is only by such acts that evil and pollution will be stopped. Only 
           by an acceleration of such acts will humanity be given pause to consider what 
           the near future could otherwise hold. Only by a finality of such acts will our 
           Humanityä be given a chance to bloom. The question of course is, ãDo such 
           caring and courageous people exist in sufficient number?ä. 

             Point. When did Dupont stop manufacturing CFCâs?  Dupont agreed to stop 
           manufacturing CFCâs when presented with what their scientists accepted as 
           absolutely unambiguous proof that CFCâs were causing the destruction of  
           the upper atmospheric ozone layer and threatening thereby the very 
           existence of all life on the planet; . . . and immediately recognised that 
           manufacturing a substitute product would be both necessary and equally 

             Prior to receipt of that proof, Dupont and all other such companies ignored 
           the threat implicit in the findings of the worldâs foremost scientific experts. 
           Such is the nature of selfish self-interest that Dupontâs scientists had 
           interpreted earlier data warning of the threat as (or in similar language) 
           ãnot acceptable in view of the damage to production and loss of profits should 
           later data prove the concerns to be unwarrantedä. 

             They would have continued to justify the manufacture and sale of a product 
           that would have doomed humanity to extinction within a few hundred years! 

             Somewhere in that horrendous story lies the justification for individual 
           actions to force an end to malevolent greed. Judgments involving matters of 
           possible long term harm to the very existence of humanity  must always 
           discard the desire to protect short term profits. 

                                                                                    TO DUTY 

                                        What is oneâs duty, when acknowledging a threat?  
                            That would destroy all beauty, even steal children'sâ breath?  
                                                    Does therein lie evil? In avoiding a way  
                                                That forces the matter, that builds to a day  
                                            When humanity shatters greedâs guilty ways? 
                                                                                                                                                                       D.J.L. February 21/88 
             Pope John Paul has shown us the way to responsible actions: ãForget 
           thoughts of quick and passing gratification. Think of yourself as an entity 
           capable of superior objectives. Think of your capacity for thought.  Above all  . 
           . .  think!ä. To which this writer states: ãThank you Pope John Paul!ä 

                                                                           THE SALIVATORS 

                                                   Sheep like humanity, howling as wolves.  
                                                     To evil deferring, destroying the good.  
                                            As foulmouthed cowards, wasting their breath  
                                               Flashing fools fashions, ignoring the threat,  
                                                              Of a flash that will fashion . . .  
                                                                          Humanityâs death. 
                                                                                                                                                                     D.J.L. Feb./88 
             May 16, 1995. The ãLeaderä of the ãSupreme Truthä in Japan has been 
           caught. The public charade / parade will wend its pace through a process of 
           ãIdentifyingä his co-conspirators and theãReasonsä for his actions. Will 
           Japan then manufacture insights as to the fears that drove those who 
           followed his ãordersä?  Will they then finally, and officially, apologise for the 
           atrocitys committed by  their leaders and their legions of  fools in the Second 
           World War? 

                                     NUCLEAR WASTE, PLANNING AND RESPONSIBILITY

             Although the potentially lethal radioactive mess  (since the 50âs) on Lake 
           Ontarioâs north shore grows larger every passing week, something will 
           happen quite soon to alter the threat to nearby shores and more distant 

               Local politicians, now seeking re-election, are assuring the electorate that 
           they will appoint a new commission which, in turn, will recommend a panel, 
           consisting of those most affected by the possibly large costs, to review the 
           findings of previous commissions.  

             It is hoped that such a panel will  then be given government funds to hire 
           experts to discover a reasonably safe and low cost method for delivering the 
           large stockpile of spent nuclear fuel rods and contaminated soil, water and 
           other nuclear waste to some other jurisdiction or perhaps burying it under 
           Lake Ontario ãso as not to endanger the long term security of  the areaâs 
           main water supplyä. 

             One of the proposed chairman of the commission has stated his belief that 
           such work will be of a net positive benefit to the local economy. [ãJust letâs 
           put it under the lake folks! and save ourselves some money!ä ] 

             June 13, 1995. Perhaps hope can justifiably exist! The Canadian government 
           has given third reading affirming Alan Rockâs proposed law that all firearms 
           be registered. In order to pass the law, the government set a minimum 
           penalty of four years imprisonment for any crime involving the use of a 
           firearm. Hopefully they shall insist that the four years penalty be fully 
           served prior to starting the clock on any other sentences for the associated 
           charges. The Canadian senate will now have to pass its judgment on the 
           proposed law. 


             Euthanasia has bared its two-faced countenance. A doctor who understands 
           the differing emotions states his belief that the matter is best resolved 
           individually.  i.e.  Each and every  adult should live a life so exemplary that 
           friends can be counted on to do what is ãRightä at the critical moment 
           without regard to any ãLaw Of The Landä.  

             Perhaps. But what about the countless other situations involving children 
           and the mentally incompetent? This is a question that must be addressed by 
           every individual as soon as they recognise that life has a natural limit. 
           Clearly personal decisions to deal with life as it befalls one must be respected 
           by all. 

             Similarly, oneâs decision to end oneâs life must be respected by the state 
           including a ãhands-offä policy towards any who assist in terminating the life 
           of one who has amply stated and communicated a decision to forgo lifeâs 
           terminating pain and suffering. 

                                                                            LOOKING AWAY 

                                                           Societyâs victims, aloof, askance  
                                                        Suffering the poison of indifference.  
                                                         Living in violent pinpoint balance,  
                                                        In subservience to political whores.  
                                                                                                                                                                        D.J.L. February 21/88 

             Pity the people of the Middle East. Brothers and sisters all, they listen to lies 
           about religion and ownership of land going back thousands of years. As a 
           result, they continue their threats to develop whatever weapons needed to 
           gain the upper hand against each other.  

             Insanity? . . . . greed? . . . . madness?  How about cowardice? As individuals, 
           few  of them speak against their peersâ loud proclamations that the other 
           side ãare the enemyä; and fewer still speak against the proddings and appeals 
           of tired old men telling yet older lies to the younger generations in order that 
           the insanity continues and thereby justify the deceptions that wasted and 
           made worthless their own youth and the sum of their existence. 

              A youth that, lost as sheep to the bleeting of religious hypocrisy, followed as 
           sacred orders the most stupid and inhuman of suggestions that they murder 
           defenceless fellow human beings for daring to attempt to share existence in 
           the same locality and time period.  

             ãHopeä was mentioned earlier.  With so many rejecting their ability to 
           think, perhaps a certain despondency by those who ãhopeä for the 
           development of a kinder more caring humanity  within their lifetime is a 
           setback that one should always be prepared to counter. 

                                                                       POOR LITTLE DODOS 

                                                                                     Oh Dodo!  
                                                                           Where did you go? 

                                                                          You were so many,  
                                                                            a short while ago. 

                                                                What could have happened,   
                                                                     why werenât we aware? 

                                                                       That after the killing,  
                                                                     you wouldnât be there! 

                                                                Poor Dodo, parent and child!  
                                                         Lost to a nature so violent!  So vile! 

                                                                               Why are we so? 
                                                                                                                                                                     D.J.L. Aug./85 
             Continue, ãDear Readerä to add your insights and poetry - what for 
           example, about interminable trials for the most evil of people; while lawyers 
           and the legal establishment get paid millions to strut, preening, before 
           shaken citizens?  

                                                         TO THEIR MASTERS - DEFERRING 

                                                                             Shadowed faces,   
                                                                     In courtrooms, cloaked,  
                                                                            Conscript Cients,  
                                                                          As cowards, accept;  
                                                                           The Lie of the Law  
                                                                            Is Above the Law!  
                                                                             (And, their ass!) 
                                                                                                                                                                           D. J. L. /95 
             May God, It/He/She,  in the nether most regions of comprehending life, bless 
           Jane Goodall and her gentle, caring soul. She has done much to help us 
           understand our intellect and capacity to act in better, more thoughtful ways 
           towards each other. 

             Read her studies on social intercourse between chimpanzees and you will 
           quickly understand. Her belief in young peoplesâ ability to see through the 
           bullshit and greed as practised by their parents could well act as the 
           necessary catalyst to push society to overthrow the dishonesty of its 
           existence. [With Jane Goodall I include all similarly dedicated people 
           throughout the world.]  

                                                                   BE A CITIZEN BULLSHIT! 

                                 Lost to the bullshit flying, To lies gumming up the works  
                                      Lost to greedâs calling, Our costs not caring to count.  
                                   Lost to ideals worth having, Obsessed by envy and want  
                            Lost to governments deceitful, And the ink on a bank account.  
                                   Lost . . .Because the bottom line, is all that we deserve?  
                                                          Life, to continue . . . . must change  
                                                 But not in keeping with warmongers aims.  
                                                  Men must be . . . Men; And reason as such  
                                            Or accept theyâll be equal to freshly cut mulch. 

             Dudayev said it too strongly, ãFreedom or Deathä. He wonât survive. The 
           evil that is Yeltsin and his sort will ensure the blast of a bullet through his 
           brain. It seems as if humanity has not yet decided to learn from the bullshit 
           ãAd Nauseamä. 

             From Spartacus and millions before him, to Socrates bitter drink, to a slave 
           owner writing about ãThe Rights of Manä and forming the basis of a nationâs 
           birth; humanity, in each day of its existence hosts the most despicable acts of 
           evil while giving birth to some who speak to all of the grace of goodness and 
           the worth of the individual. Why are we so? 


                                                            Will justice pass after the flash?  
                                                          Or all life extinct, even the grass?  
                                                 Will the strong not exist to enjoy the bliss  
                                                 Of cowards moaning, awaiting their turn,  
                                                  To suffer hellâs fire? Their turn to burn? 
                                                                                                                                               D.J.L. FEB. 21/88 
             Why? I ask of France. Weapons of mass murder are no defence against 
           societal insanity. Forget your desire to use the peoples of the South Pacific to 
           develop your ãMight and Worthä . . . Try  thinking instead . . . . Think of what 
           will happen when the now   barred access to information presently on the 
           Internet is freely available. [Dig around in Alt.Anarchy and associated]  

             Positioned information, placed so as to obviate and render useless any 
           attempt to deny it to the public at large. Try tracking shadowed drives! And 
           try thinking about what could / will happen when it is freed to public access 
           as a response to the pending insanity in the South Pacific.  

             And when you do that, ask yourselves if you would appreciate someone 
           intervening in your civil wars while you proceeded to resolutely kill each 
           other without qualm or question. And then explain your involvement with 
           the Bosnian/Serbian conflict today to your children.  

             Susan Smith, murderess, awaits her fate in an American courtroom. 
           Bedraggled and raw, with emotions held in scant check; there is no need to 
           call for her execution.  

             She is unable to live with the madness of her special sin; a millstone she can 
           no longer bear.  

             Her ãHusbandä should reconsider his desire for revenge . . . and perhaps 
           spend some time reviewing his marriage and the concerted greed that caused 
           that sorry and lethal act of violence against their children. 

                                                    ACKNOWLEDGING LIFEâS EXISTENCE 

                                                              Surveying Space, I sit aglance.  
                                   For in that dream, with a so held hand, I saw your face.  
                                         And understood our voyage,  through endless life.  
                                Swimming through eternity; Giving birth in galaxies far,  
                                         Acknowledging this reality: We know what we are. 
             Few ever take the time to question their biases and ãbeliefsä.  The very fear 
           of identifying our humanity lest it show us as weaklings, denies us the will to 
           examine our lives. It also denies us the necessary insight as to why we must 
           learn to understand and solve each others greed or prepare ever more lethal 
           and abundant weapons of mass murder. 

                                                                          COMPLETING LIFE 

                                                           Time calling to freedomâs heart.   
                                                                              To taste reason   
                                                         And freely adore that high release.  
                                                         The flow of time through eternity.   
                                                                       Lifeâs universal bond. 
                                                                                                                                                D.J.L.Jan. 22/90

             May  God, if It/He/She exists, grant me the insight to understand why we act 
           as we do towards each other. And, if you do exist, will you soon justify your 
           inactions in the face of evil to those who relied on you as their safe harbour?  

                                                    WITH OUR LUNGS GASPING FOR AIR . .

             Have a good look around and a deep breath of any metropolitan cityâs air 
           and answer the question posed therein as it relates to yourself. Go ahead,  . . . 
           .  no one else will know.  Nor will they care. 

             Why should they?  Living in an age that suffocates dissent against societal 
           insanity, few dare question the powers of governments. And fewer still, a>  

           Transfer interrupted!

           slums would risk being forced into a similar existence.  

             But not to worry!(?)  No one else caring?  We stand at the most critical point 
           in human evolution and greed says: ãGet out of my face!ä. 

             That is ãprogressä as measured by those who can only count without 
           understanding the meaning of ãvalue and worthä.  Indeed, to some, their 
           greatest possession is their ability to successfully lie to another. 

                                                           TRUTHâS UNMARKED PASSING 

                                   It died, unrecognised by those who denied its necessity.  
                                    Past lament, without tears. Undefended, then buried. 

                                                                      It passed. Unmourned.  
                                       Its existence aborting the process by which it lived. 

                                 Are they grateful, those of the sea, with no bible to bear?  
                               Nor cursed as those of the land, living the lies of their past? 
                                                                                                                                                                          D.J.L. May 25/89 
                                                                          JOIN THE CROWD?

             Go ahead?  Enjoy your existence?  Be a part of the crowd?  Ignore the lies you 
           live and your bondage to greed?  Why shouldnât you  get what you can 
           regardless of the risk or cost to future generations?  Why shouldnât you be 
           like everybody else?  Ask Chirac, his ilk and any government or 
           quasi-government employee. The answers you will hear reduce to this: ãSo 
           what? Are you asking that I/We should care when no one else does? - Get 


                                                                  Pretending we are human  
                                                                           Feigning our bliss  
                                                                      We ignore our weapons  
                                                                     Hoping theirs will miss. 

                                                                     Avoiding our humanity  
                                                                    We allow supreme greed  
                                                                     To dictate foul passions  
                                                                       And murderous deeds. 
                                                                                                                                                                    D.J.L. May/89 
             Susan Smithâs act of infanticide challenged the very core of humanity. Upon 
           acknowledging her crime, she begged for a weapon to end her life. Her wish 
           denied, and unable to face her guilt, she hoped for an immediate sentencing 
           with no delay in the execution of the death penalty. Her jurors have done 

             She will have to face the horror of what she did or die a struggling suicide. 
           Few, having willingly paid for the development of weapons and minds capable 
           of causing humanityâs extinction, will ever think of themselves as being as 
           evil. Fewer yet will acknowledge that acquiescence to those murderous 
           preparations is guided by the same evil.  

             Her moral burden is less than that which we should feel for conditioning 
           millions of impressionable young people to accept the possible use of weapons 
           of mass murder as something ãany human being is capable of doingä. 

             While most refuse to accept that they are participating in an evil greater 
           than Smithâs crime, medical professionals throughout the world 
           acknowledge that some of the young people above described will be more than 
           happy to see humanity suffer the use of all weapons of mass murder. 

             Indeed, special protocols have been developed to help those professionals deal 
           with the overwhelming feelings of guilt that have developed in many of those 
           paid by the public purse to launch such weapons. 

             If anything positive can be said in regard to Smithâs trial it is this; the 
           jurors acknowledged the existence of the rest of her family as human beings. 
           Some with a degree of responsibility for what happened, others who would 
           suffer more than any possible sense of justice could justify. 

             The above raises questions. How can we do the evil we do, in view of our 
           knowledge that our deeds always become known?  If we truly believe in a 
           supreme being, we must accept that it will know of our evil support of 
           societies threatening the use of weapons of mass murder. How do we, other 
           than by lying to ourselves, rationalise and justify that support? Forget about 
           some of the taxes going for ãGood Thingsä;  supporting something evil is an 
           equal evil. 

             Why is it that humans are the only animal form that can wilfully  abandon 
           and/or murder their young?  By what convoluted paths of reasoning do 
           individuals, abandoning their ability to think and act in a moral manner, 
           choose to support the madness of greed? 

             Can it be that we do hate ourselves and abhor each other in some dark 
           fashion as stated by  those who have walked the honed edge of true insanity?  
           Is that why we now hear ever mounting complaints about and see a rise in 
           outright contempt for our institutions including the establishment of 
           justice? Is that why we pay for the development of weapons of mass murder? 

              Is that why we ignore the fact that any use of those weapons would render all 
           statements about ãdefence of our way of lifeä a miserable gibberish spouted 
           by fools?  

             France is suffering spasms of madness due to its greed for ãLa Force 
           DâFrappeä. Disgusted with the decision to destroy othersâ habitat, some 
           citizens have launched attacks on the Paris subway in a fashion similar to 
           those Japanese who will no longer allow societal insanity to continue without 
           a price being paid. Those attacks will not affect the decision to test Franceâs 
           version of the ãNeutron/Electronä weapon. Chiracâs evil pride, supporting 
           the spread of societal insanity, will rule the day. 

             Will the next step of our growth into thinking, responsible beings involve 
           focused attacks on the individuals deemed to be most responsible for the 
           growing scope of that insanity?  

             That step may turn into somewhat of a bloody crawl over millions of  rotting 
           bodies in what should have been the safe harbour of their homes. The nature 
           and construction of the circular siphon will soon become known. And there 
           are many who, due to the abandonment of reason, will have no qualms about 
           employing its silent capacity to infiltrate the most lethal of fumes and 
           biological agents into our homes and offices. Those that most needed to be 
           educated or eradicated will have long recognised that fact and, using the 
           circular siphon, act in preemptive fashion to hopefully assuage their fear. In 
           that event, all efforts at cleansing the slime from the face of humanity will be 
           without value. 

             The attacks on those thought to be most responsible for the environmental 
           disasters now upon us will come from the ashen survivors of those actions. A 
           maddened mob, who, having no means of identifying their immediate 
           assailants, will turn their anger on the identifiable leaders and major 
           shareholders of the political / industrial combines who will be accused of 
           having brought humanity and the planet to that ignominious state. 

             No authority, never mind the level of protection by armed and uniformed 
           cowards, will be able to stop or avoid the wrath of those revenge minded 
           survivors. Lethal justice will visit the fools perceived as having caused our 
           trip to extinction.  

             The problem, of course, is that its our collective greed that is to blame. (If 
           weâre all guilty . . . ?)   

             How quietly we accept impending death from a fattened heart. How silently 
           we accept the price of greed. How inquisitive when evil walks into a room.  
           And note the boisterous decorum as we then line up to shake its hand or 
           similar. How so . . . so human.  

                                                                     EVILâS PATIENT WAIT 

                                                     Where stood you  . . . when evil called?   
                    Equating life with arguments . . . tossed through time . . .  and again?  
                 Where is the hope for which I ached . . . Nâeath that hot sun transfixed?  
                                     Pleading with my father . . . Forgiving my neighbour.  
              Where is the crown that shamed my brow . . . still in the cave, with Gabriel 
                Is it evilâs  wish that you enter the third . . . before Consciousness be born 
                                                                                                                                                                  D.J.L. /95 
             To wit from the ãThe Talkä:  ãAnd what will our surrogates do this time? 
           Through which hoops will they have to manoeuvre?ä  ãWhy . . . the same as in 
           the 666th argument.  The development of good and fulsome consciousness can 
           not happen until we, who guide the urge of evil, temporarily constrain our 
           thoughts for the fleetest moment of a second.  And we will not . . . until forced 
           by argument!ä  

             Our choice, fellow humans, should be clear. Nothing less than a decision to 
           win a battle joined at the dawn of humankind. Nothing less than a focussed 
           attack on the evil in our lives; on all that allows the existence of evil; on all 
           that profits from discourse with evil. And an acceptance that our instinctive 
           and burning desire to control others is the greatest evil of all, and has led to 
           the state of humanity to-day. 

                                                                                TO THE NEW 

                                                                             Think it all out,   
                                                                     The thoughts are there   
                                                                             Think it all out   
                                                                     You know youâre aware  
                                                                            . . .  Thinking  . . .   
                                                                    Life at its delicious best.  
                                                                     Ad Neos!  . . .  and Amen! 
                                                                                                                                                                       D. J. L. 
                                                                         NUCLEAR NUANCES

             Friday, August 11/95, United States of America; President Clinton -  ãThe 
           establishment of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is our greatest dutyä. 
           He went on to say: ãIn thanking the Joint Chiefs of Staff for their due 
           diligence in writing the terms of an acceptable treaty, we acknowledge the 
           necessity of continuing with small nuclear explosions to assure ourselves of a 
           safe and reliable nuclear deterrentä. 

             President Clinton wishes that all nations will be predisposed to participate 
           in the NNPT.  Yet, he states that retaining the means by which his nation 
           may rain a murderous nuclear madness on defenceless fellow human beings 
           is not only acceptable, it is necessary to the comfortable existence of the 
           United States of America.  

             In claiming the right to continue with their tests, the United States has 
           given France and all other nuclear powers tacit permission to test their 
           weapons without political repercussion at a government to government level. 
           And the booms go on . . .  and the booms go on . . . . 

             Pray that some who understand the nature of the circular siphon will not 
           release it to the public in angry response to the stated positions of the nuclear 
           states; a release that may well follow the very next nuclear test by whichever 

             Their dovetailed statements, ãThe right of nations to  claim the right to use 
           the most lethal of weapons in self-defence flows from the right of 
           self-defence.ä  and ãAll individuals have the right to self-defence and to 
           develop, without permission from or reference to others, whatever weapons 
           they believe will best protect them and their way of lifeä could never be the 
           product of doves. 

              Two positions. Each supporting the otherâs ãrightä to participate in plans 
           and preparations that fully contemplate and wilfully risk the murder of the 
           rest of the world. The possibility that China might test one first will give rise 
           to a special irony.  

             The rest of humanity may then have to deal with the threat posed by 
           circular siphons and their ability to poison whole cities, while China, 
           somewhat protected due to its differing and more regulated way of life (-i.e. 
           very few Chinese citizens will be able to access the nature and construction of 
           the siphon and the method of its employment.), can argue that due to societal 
           insanity elsewhere, its tests are justified.  


             Anarchy, the existence of a state in human affairs wherein each and every 
           human is fully responsible to self and all others for all actions, may well soon 
           be upon us offering the following possibilitys. 

              The lies of the past will not allow fools to ignore the growth of demands for 
           honesty in all matters. The abandonment of greed and the development of 
           individual courage will be a necessity and a salvation. 

             Many will abandon dependence on employment that requires them to 
           deceive and deny fellow human beings.  And few will refuse to help their 
           neighbours. Not because of fear of retaliation, but rather because developing 
           consciousness will dictate  that one should willingly help when it is evident 
           that help is required. 

             And, yes, we will then start to identify caring, concern . . .  and amity as 
           desirable traits. But first we must develop the argument to gain the fleetest 
           of moments.  

             August 18, 1995. China, believing it has the right to possess and test its 
           ãminuscule nuclear deterrentä, announced that it had tested a ãlow-yieldä 
           device. There was no accompanying report as to the location or form of the 
           test. There was issued,  as all other nation members of the nuclear club have 
           issued, a statement to the effect that they ãWould never be the first to 
           wilfully use such weaponsä. 

             Pray that nations proclaiming their ãrightä to develop and maintain 
           weapons of mass murder and that those who threaten to publicise the nature 
           and construction of the ãcircular siphonä in response to that insanity, . . . . 
           reconsider their logic and humanity.  

            The question of treaty rights and unceded aboriginal lands continues to 
           cause problems in Canada  

             Posturing for public recognition, some politicians insist that the RCMP or 
           other police or military response teams be ordered to use whatever force 
           necessary to silence the loud and growing demands for elementary justice by  
           First-Nations people.  

             One, a member of the Reform party, has no qualms about risking the lives, 
           or honour, of police officers; and would unleash them and their weapons 
           against any Indian men, women or children  participating in displays of 
           independent  status and assertions of claims of ownership to unceded lands.  
             Jay Mason, a First Nations citizen, has  asked the Ed Harpers of this world to 
           think of their humanity; and to stop using the Indiansâ desperate 
           predicament as a vehicle to satisfy their greed for publicity and political 

             Understanding the cowardly nature of those who would have others risk 
           violence on their behalf,  Mason and his fellow patriots have dared any and 
           all such minded persons to develop courage sufficient to physically confront 
           and personally fight he and all other Indians demanding a meaningful 
           resolution to the dishonesty of past political practices. 

           His challenge  has gone unanswered. 

             Those who cry loudest for the use of force are always the first to hide in 
           darkest shadows. Mouthing vacant principles and lacking courage and 
           conviction sufficient to meet the challenge, they insist they must be protected 
           for speaking out. Cowards. 

               There is no greater danger than that developed by empty threats. 

             Fearing those implicit in the rhetoric of some First-Nations representatives, 
           police forces, in the interest of self-preservation, will engineer any situation 
           so as to limit their exposure to retaliatory force. They have sworn their 
           allegiance to their paymasters. They know they cannot fail to use lethal force 
           when ordered  and expect to continue their careers. 

             It must be recognised by all campaigning for an honourable solution that 
           true ãSelf-Governmentä is never granted, but rather it is acknowledged as a 
           practical reality prior to formal recognition. It must be declared and acted on 
           without reference to other government.  

             It should only be considered by a people believing themselves to be 
           sufficiently determined and capable of looking after all of their interests 
           without the help or support of others.  

             Demands that  the balance of present day Canadian society redress the 
           wrongs of the past waste the goodwill and desire of most to come to a 
           reasonable agreement. On this specific point, First-Nations members should 
           reconsider their approaches and demands for immediate solutions.  

           Mason and his fellow patriots should consider the use of international courts. 

             Use of ãCanadian Lawä and courts in these matters can not be contemplated. 
           Any such use immediately gives rise to questions of propriety and conflicting 
           interests. A judge whose pay, pensions and promotions is guaranteed by one of 
           the partys to a dispute can not be relied upon to do anything that would deny 
           his paymaster the ability to command and control the tax base and tax 
           income from which the judgeâs salary is paid. Reality dictates that partys to 
           such political conflicts rely on third party arbitration.  

             The First-Nations people present humanity with an opportunity to think of 
           their duty towards each other as individuals without the influence of 
           compulsion by  political masters.  

             Hopefully, all will reconsider their differing approaches to resolution of land 
           claims and place greater reliance on the rule of law as agreed upon by the 
           international community. 

                                                                        A GIFT ABANDONED 

                                             Godâs gift, . . . abandoned. Knowledge . . . Lost!  
               Bonding parents . . . to promises bought . . . Of  greedâs desire granting all. 

                            They  left the  gift, . . . to seize the lie . . . That caring was evil!  
                                     Condemned to repeat . . . Through time . . . and again 

                       An argument not worth the making!   Losing,  again, the moment.  
                 Succumbing to evilâs thoughts, never learning . . . that greedâs madness 
                                                                             holds ever tight 

                                                                      Those that never dare   
                                                                          . . . But by night . . . 
             September 1, 1995. Sinning beyond redemption and sick beyond recovery, 
           society seems beyond salvation. After a trial that strained the bonds of 
           reason, the garbage identified as Paul Bernardo is sentenced to life in prison.  

             Humanity, producing millions of cowards who will bear arms and murder 
           others when told to do so, has long accepted the development of his kind. That 
           must cease. 

             All must learn that allowing greed for power and control to grow wild 
           debases and diminishes the value of othersâ lives in direct proportion to the 
           speed and spread of that growth.  

             Failing to say and do what must be said and done has resulted in growing 
           numbers of such as Bernardo and politicians who care first and foremost for 
           their egos and self-gratification; and the vacant minded and ãKitten Head 
           Karlasä who will do their bidding.  

             The stench of his existence fouls all about him and has caused millions to 
           doubt the meaning of ãhumanityä.  

             The statement uttered daily in homes and workplaces throughout the land; 
           ãHe looks so normal!ä should waken millions.  

             Someone who knew him, other than his wife, failed to do what all responsible 
           people must do: Act, confront, accuse, declare! Anything that would have had 
           him face justice before he caused society to share the sepsis that is his life. 

             Any application to have him declared ãA Dangerous Offenderä and thereby 
           ãguarantee his imprisonmentä will bare the painful reality that those 
           placing him behind bars doubt the moral integrity and determination of 
           their possible successors to insist on his being kept behind bars for the 
           balance of his miserable existence. 

              Some coo their joy with Karla Homolkaâs imprisonment while others 
           identify  her as another victim.  Perhaps. But if we asked millions to risk 
           their lives in ãdefence of freedomä, and then held parades for those who lost 
           their lives in that defence, we must now demand that none allow the 
           existence of evil in proximity  to themselves; that all must fight and expose 
           such evil. 

             Her family, though losing its youngest daughter to Bernardoâs greed, 
           properly stood and continue to stand by their oldest daughter. The outrage 
           that should, otherwise, have burst from them in that courtroom is subdued 
           and controlled by an unswayable belief that she fell prey to an evil not yet 
           fully understood. [Update, 1996 - Has her other sister suffered more than first 

             Hope that prison justice not shorten Bernardoâs limited ãWhereâs my 
           mirror?ä existence but exact greater justice by questioning him daily!  Hope 
           that his passage to hell takes a hundred years! Hope that a law is passed 
           approving the shackling of one of his ankles to a thirty foot chain and placing 
           him on public display where he would be asked, just once, each day; ãWhy?ä. 

             His first lawyer, Murray, should not be attacked for his actions. The very 
           state of the laws under which he practices set the stage for his ãlawfulä 
           withholding of the videotapes. It is those laws and regulations which must be 
           addressed and then changed. Indeed, a system of justice that refused to 
           examine and failed to defend its involvement in and support of plans and 
           preparations to use nuclear and weapons of mass murder against fellow 
           human beings is not fit to question or rule on his decision. 

             The post trial message of Bernardoâs second lawyer, John Rosen, has 
           provoked a lot of thinking about our ãHuman Natureä.  Some, angry at his 
           suggestion that anyone could, by accident of fate, be as disposed towards evil 
           thoughts and acts as Bernardo, argue that Rosen be disbarred for those 

              Rosen is right.  The circumstances under which we grow to maturity do 
           affect our future  and relationships.  All must guard against the growth of 
           evil in their soul; and defeat all arguments that nurture its development. 

                                                               A ãOne-A-Dayä Plan

             A ãOne-A-Dayä plan may soon be upon us. One involving the spontaneous 
           development of surgeons determined to excise and terminate all such 
           growths;  doctors who will not wait for second, third and fourth opinions, nor 
           shy from risking a slide to anarchy. To them, the growing insanity demands 
           an immediate and devastating intervention. 

             Our choice and duty should be clear. Start to identify caring and concern as 
           desirable and necessary traits of human existence; or soon be very concerned 
           as to the safety and indeed, the possible lethality, of our piped water supplies 
           while simultaneously facing the possibility of individual decisions by 
           millions of ãdoctorsä to start choosing ãpatientsä. 


             All philosophies have a common thread.  Humans, of necessity, must develop 
           their ability to learn. That belief has focused the minds of thinkers 
           throughout history. Although most of them achieved the physical and 
           spiritual patience required to delve into the realm of reason; few made it 
           clear, to those who studied their maxims and pronouncements, that the 
           majority of humanity could, through diligence and perseverance, achieve a 
           similar and necessary equilibrium. ãLifeä today is a result of that failing. 

             O. J. Simpsonâs trial, and the resulting verdict, has left millions throughout 
           the world with the empty feeling that their respective systems of justice 
           reflect the insanity of the day. 

             The majority of whites, not willing to accept that predominantly white police 
           forces could wilfully plant evidence against a possible suspect, are driven to 
           say that the verdict is wrong; that the jury bent to the demands of race and 
           delivered that verdict in retribution for the beatings administered by police 
           to thousands of essentially defenceless and guiltless black men throughout 
           America each year. 

             Blacks, understanding and living in fear of the evil that guides police 
           politics, are willing to grant the verdict some support while accentuating 
           their abhorrence with Mr. Simpsonâs demonstrated capacity for violence 
           towards his now dead wife. 

             Possibly innocent, Mr. Simpson has publicly admitted his failings with 
           respect to the violence he employed in his relationship with Nicole Simpson, 
           and will bear a special burden to his deathbed. 

             He will have to face the rest of his life knowing that his children will always 
           have room to doubt his expressed love and concern for their well being. That 
           alone equals any punishment otherwise due to him should he indeed be 
           guilty of committing  or having caused her barbarous murder. 

             The present state of society renders all ãlawfully imposedä forms of 
           punishment futile and essentially worthless. Mr. Goldmanâs father, 
           believing Mr. Simpson guilty beyond doubt of his sonâs murder, may well 
           exact his own vengeance and then suffer the parody of a trial to punish him 
           for whatever act of ãrevengeä he may successfully inflict on Simpson. 

             The madness has well and truly come full circle. ãThe Rule Of Lawä is now a 
           mockery; with all levels within the differing bureaucracys responsible for 
           ãthe administration of justiceä using the force of uniformed fools to have all 
           others heed the ãlawä as they choose to write and interpret those laws. 

             By present day standards of medical evaluation, some four to six percent of 
           the general population are sociopaths (early 1900âs figures were 1-2%) devoid 
           of any sense of morality or feelings for others. The madness of greed, if 
           allowed to spread, will ensure an acceleration of their now disproportionate 
           growth and the resulting  development of life without value.  

           Can our mindless plunge to societal insanity be halted and then reversed?  

             Lest all hope be lost and thereby society lose all hope for redemption by 
           falling prey to that sin, individuals must develop principles and courage 
           sufficient to stand alone and say and do what they individually perceive as 
           being required to halt that plunge. 

             Failing to do so will result in an environmental and spiritual disaster that 
           will render all humans empty of emotions. Why then, in such circumstances, 

             Quebecâs battles with political greed boiled to the surface with Parizeauâs 
           blaming of the rich and the ethnic voters for the defeat of his sovereignist 
           agenda. Representing the anger of the Francophone laine pur,  he would not 
           apologise for his words stating that they reflected a painful reality. Perhaps. 

             But if so, the reality came about because of the past practice of society 
           allowing itself to denigrate and discriminate against its weaker or 
           numerically smaller members and numbers. 

             English Canada paid a price for the words of losers screaming at Pierre 
           Trudeau to ãspeak Canadian!ä in the late 60âs. So that all would soon be 
           pleased to meet and talk in a reasonable manner with their 
           French-Canadians compatriots, he put in place an accelerated immigration 
           process. Rednecks, should they wish to risk their jobs and remaining 
           ãsecurityä, can now direct their ãspeak Canadian!ä diatribes to some three 
           millions of a new and diverse peoples speaking hundreds of different 
           languages . . . and commanding tens of thousands of managerial positions. 

             Such is the result when the actions of idiots dictate that an awakening is 
           needed. Pity Parizeau however, he and his planners forgot that a prior 
           Quebec governmentâs greed for control over some of those refugees resulted 
           in their being guided to settle in Quebec. 

             How painful it must be to be hung by oneâs petard. And how much more 
           painful it must be to realise that the pawns of those politics were relied upon 
           by the federalist camp as a politically dependable sub-electorate that would 
           frustrate Levesqueâs and then Parizeauâs plans for ãSovereigntyä and buy 
           time to offer an insistent Francophone majority the Constitutional changes 
           that will meet the requirements of their demands for ãDistinct Societyä 

             Whatever the cost to their personal freedom, the people of Quebec truly 
           desire to be recognised as a distinct society. Chretien must, in fairness, 
           disclose to them that a ãdistinct societyä clause will give all subsequent 
           governments in Quebec the right in law to limit their choice of language. 
           Simply said, they will have to awaken at their own speed to the threats 
           implicit in the rhetoric associated with ãdistinct societyä arguments. 

             Lingering rumours that Quebecâs separation from Canada was a scenario 
           planned by Mulroney in concert with Bouchard and other opportunists while 
           feeding at Reaganâs lap continue the question of why Bouchard shows such 
           intensity towards Quebecâs separation. And especially so since he stated his 
           desire to return to the legal profession. Perhaps to an Ameriquoix based 

                                                               May God bless Ken Saro-Wiwa

             May God bless Ken Saro-Wiwa, his group and all similar humans. The 
           memory of their actions and fortitude in face of the clear and present danger 
           posed them by powerâs bastards, clarify our vision of the future should we 
           fail to act in a pre-emptive fashion. 

            Now subject to a world wide program to have individuals think before buying 
           their products; Shell will be forced to address the profit based morality that 
           scripted their recent  mea culpa. As a result, their  Nigerian henchmen will 
           either free other political prisoners or be found in some desolate and spoiled 
           landscape, slowly  twisting in the wind . . .  empty shells at the other end of 
           the ropes they used to murder Saro-Wiwa and his supporters. 

                                                              May God bless Nelson Mandela 

             Possessed of an uncommon courage, he has forgiven the prosecutor who 
           sought to hang him decades past. That prosecutor, seeing the error of his 
           prior judgment, attempted to have his masters release Mr. Mandela from his 
           island prison in the early 1980âs. He has gratefully accepted Mr. Mandelaâs 
           forgiveness and now dedicates his life to assisting Mr. Mandela to right the 
           wrongs of apartheid. 

             Nigeriaâs henchmen should heed Mr. Mandelaâs warning that they free all 
           political prisoners. He is not of their ilk. He will not rest until they meet the 
           requirements of the international community. He will force them to abandon 
           their greed. Failing that he will force Shell to cause their overthrow. 

             The difference between Mr. Mandela and other ãleadersä lies in his personal 
           history. Not one to accept that fools should necessarily be subject to the whims 
           of the greedy  and evil minded; he acted, with all necessary force, to change 
           the deplorable conditions of life to which he and all other black South 
           Africans were subjected by the religious hypocrites who claimed apartheid 
           was ãa natural way of life . . . dictated by Godâs scripturesä.   

             First Mulroney and now Salinas of Mexico. Both the immediate past 
           governmental leaders of their countries and both accused of illegally 
           profiting from their past posts. With the slime of Isabel Marcosâ tears not yet 
           dry, it seems that ãleadersä have come to accept theft as part of the normal 
           order of governing.   One can only guess as to whether it is due to plain 
           foolishness or gross cowardice on the part of the electorate.   

             The curse of greed continues to damage worldwide ecosystems. Oceans can no 
           longer supply the previous abundance. Pollution and factory ships have 
           effectively curtailed the natural regenerational capacity of edible salt water 
           fish. Fishing communities throughout the world blame each other and the 
           governments that ãlicensedä their reckless and environmentally criminal 

             The long term reliability of grains and other food stocks is now the subject of 
           agonising decisions. Recognition that past agricultural practices may well 
           have added insidious poisons and acted to harm our metabolic processes has 
           led  to demands for better fertilisers and safer pesticides.  

             Large reductions in harvest amounts are foreseen should farmers try to slow 
           the application of current fertilisers and pesticides.   Instead of agreeing to a 
           total ban on their use, agribusiness participants have decided to continue 
           with the status quo and even develop differing (and patentable) strains of 
           food stocks; totally disregarding that their actions may endanger the 
           viability of the food  chain. Regardless of the demands  placed upon it, the 
           planet can readily support a fixed maximum number, . . . . . .   and no more. 

                                       A possible and natural solution, albeit paradoxical 

             The growth of societal insanity, combined with the exponential increase in 
           the number of humans due to the ãPopulation Bombä, may well  accelerate 
           environmental collapse.  

             While insatiable greed renders useless the minimal discussions and efforts 
           that would have humanity address and reverse its slide to that disaster . . . . 
           our very nature may provide a harsh ãskin and bonesä solution.  

                                        A quick review of the Serbian question is in order. 

             The now publicised ãPeace Talksä in Dayton, Ohio, USA, have some leaders of 
           the conflict stating that fellow combatants will defend their right to have 
           caused the murder of tens of thousands in their war of ãethnic cleansingä. 

             A sensation of the Nuremberg noose tightening about their necks has them 
           threatening ever greater atrocities should they not be granted amnesty for 
           their odious crimes.  

             Time will tell. But, a prediction: Not one of the ãleadersä will suffer the 
           torture and punishment they so wilfully served upon others. 

             And, while the combatants plan the vilest of acts, NATO countrys line up like 
           sheep to have their mindless young men join the legions of fools who, 
           throughout time, believed their ãleadersä could force ãpeaceä upon the 

                                                                            POINTED VIEWS 

                                                                     Empty rhetoric, boiling  
                                                            Tied to violence minded tongues  
                                                                 Blathering about Babylons  
                                                             And others evil-minded young. 

                                                                     Why so lost to vacancy?  
                                                                   To books of rules unused?  
                                                                      Why so quick a latency  
                                                                 For awesome power, - fused? 
                                                                                                                                                                        D.J.L. December 1995 

             Five to ten years will have to pass before a meaningful assessment of the 
           effectiveness of the ãPeace processä can be made. And a similar amount of 
           time will have to pass prior to efforts to judge the recovery of ocean fish 

             In the interim, plans to ãcullä seal herds will have a severe negative impact 
           on the hoped for recovery. Seals are intricately linked to the cod cycle. 
           Interference by vested interests will simply exacerbate the serious threat 
           posed to our ocean fishery. The only option is a ãstandoffä approach with no 
           fishing or netting of whatsoever kind for a period of ten years.  

             Will greedâs profit seekers allow that period of time? Donât bet your next 
           gulp of fresh air. 

                                                                              FAMILY PRIDE 

                                                    Lifeâs long passage smiles fast and true  
                                                        For those who take the time to know  
                                       Family bonds are twice as strong as any crazy glue.  
                                                              From judge to joker, we all fit.  
                                                          And especially, when I remember  
                                                           Granpaâs words, my first smoke,   
                                                           And a rasping throat still tender. 
                                                                                                                                                                        D J L Feb/96 

             The cold war, for the present,  seems to be over. Unfortunately it seems as if 
           that step forward has loosed a greater danger. The clods and clots of 
           humanity now consider their selves free to use the motivating madness of 
           greed as a lever to personal wealth whatever the cost to others or the natural 

                                         THROW AWAY PEOPLE / THROW AWAY VALUES

             Freed from the fear of a possible nuclear armageddon in the short term, the 
           evil that infests political and governmental life  accelerates our  careless and 
           uncaring use of rapidly diminishing natural resources.  

             Throw away people and throw away values are common. Insatiable desires 
           for power and profit control the course of daily life. Society, unaware that it is 
           trapped by the dynamic madness of greed, continues to destroy and discard 
           all hope of a  worthwhile future. 

             Franceâs continuing nuclear tests confirms the worth and values of its 
           populace. Few of which have had the individual courage to stand up and use 
           the provisions of decision T2020-88 of the federal Court Of Canada - Trial 

             The Neutron-Electron bomb has now been developed to the point that any 
           usage will be acceptable to those who would justify the use of such weapons 
           due to the fact that the possibility of long term radioactive contamination is 
           no longer a concern. Some justification. (But . . . applauded by losers.)  

                                                     THE FOLLOWING MUST BE STRESSED

             The December 12, 1988 decision of The Federal Court Of Canada - Trial 
           Division, known as T2020-88 granted Canadians, and due to the concept of 
           ãcommon lawä, citizens of all democratic nations,  the right ãto refuse to file 
           tax returns or to pay taxes  to any society participating in plans and 
           preparations involving the will and the capacity to use nuclear   
           and other weapons of mass murder against fellow defenceless human beingsä.

                                                            CLEARING ONEâS CONSCIENCE 

                                           Why do thinkers bother you? Can they not see?  
                            Your health is great, your job secure, your future worry free!  
                                            Reciting sports statistics; Viewing social plays;  
                                  Putting pedal to the metal; Speeding through your days. 

                               Neighbours . . . local objects; Seen through curtained glass.  
                                      Your shared concerns limited . . . To the price of gas.  
                                  Dismiss starving children; Their cross not yours to bear.  
                             Their misery - not your fault. Why should you have shared?  
                                                                                                                                                                            D J L Feb 24/96 
             Some state that the majority of those who will use the provisions of that 
           decision will do so because of greed and not because of highly held principles. 
           If, at the end of the day, their actions have caused governments concern about 
           their financial capacity to continue participating in the insanity of 
           preparations to commit mass murder, perhaps the involvement of such 
           partakers is acceptable.  

              War seems to be the natural order of the day with ashen faced whores 
           accompanying flaccid fools to ãPeace Talksä wherein the media have a ãStory 
           Dayä reporting on ãwhoä wore what and whose whore switched 
           camp/sex/allegiance. A roar, really. ãAction Reportersä seem to forget that it 
           is real people being shot by weapons provided by those who make money by 
           maintaining the level of societal insanity. Is there only one solution?  

             The desire of Chechens for ãfreedomä and autonomy from their previous 
           masters has taken a keener edge.  Determined to fight those who would 
           oppress them, that small countryâs freedom fighters have taken some 
           citizens of small Russian villages adjacent  to their borders as ãhostagesä.  
           The result has been and will continue to be counted  in thousands of 
           murdered lives and uprooted familys. 

             Russiaâs reversion to the depths of fraternal depravity via its new embrace 
           of communism bodes well for an acceleration of the process leading to 
           humanityâs demise or salvation.  The greed of fools stealing from their own 
           kind will generate new preparations to wage mass murder.  

             Capitalism, in protective response, will not allow western cities to be 
           re-targeted by  losers without courage sufficient to tell their new ãleadersä to 
           go play in a septic tank. 

             Wish that one could speak of things more pleasant. However, while we 
           maintain our will and capacity to murder millions and fine tune the reasons 
           and possibilitys under which we would use (or agree that we would accept use 
           of) our weapons of mass murder, hope for a brighter outlook is not realistic. A 
           decision to use or dismantle all such weapons must be taken.  

             Either that or consign humanityâs evolution to the dark of anarchy followed 
           by the use of all such weapons. The question can not be avoided. All will have 
           to actively take part in the choosing  . . .  or have others do it for them. 

                                                            A PRESENTATION OF SEDITION 

                                                               Sedition is such a lovely word  
                                                                  Making politicians quiver! 

                                                                          Sedition! Anarchy!  
                                                                    Clogging up their livers! 

                                                          Such lovely words and useful tools  
                                                       To show them, grasping, greedy fools 

                                                                 That freedom will not shirk  
                                                                            Its duty to expose 

                                                                          The evil that lurks  
                                                                      In power seekers prose 

                                                                          Sedition! Anarchy!  
                                                                   Committing us to sanity! 

                                                     And lightful thoughts dispelling dark!  
                                                     Constructive thoughts inducing light! 

                                                          To humanityâs affairs worldwide.  
                                                   Where then will powerâs bastards hide? 

                                                                          Sedition! Anarchy!  
                                                                    Committed by necessity! 

                                                   For a saner world with gentler thoughts  
                                                          A peaceful world where even sloth 

                                                                                Is acceptable!  
                                                                 Compared to evils wrought 

                                                                         That curse our lives  
                                                                      By profit minded men! 
                                                                                                                                                                            D J L Jan 16/85

             A revolt by taxpayers may be the only positive venue by which the question 
           can be decided in favour of total dismantling. Even then, however, we face 
           extreme risks.  Those who remain adamant that use of such weapons is 
           ethically acceptable may choose to initiate actions that increase the risk of 
           using all such weapons. Two opposing factors,  principles versus  greed,   
           will guide the final choice.   

             Many medical advances are now threatened. Some twenty years ago doctors 
           spoke of ãpenicillin gobblersä in reference to accounts of bacteria that had 
           survived improper courses of treatment and had subsequently mutated in 
           response to the threat posed to them by penicillin. Now a whole family of 
           bacteria capable of causing terrible ravages to the human body  are no longer 
           controllable by treatment with penicillin or similar antibiotics. 

             Improper use of a whole family of other anti-bacterial drugs has the medical 
           fraternity concerned that we are fast running out of treatments for a myriad 
           of  deadly and common-place diseases. Due to improper dispensing and in 
           some countries, self-prescription,  investments in time, money and the lives 
           of many test subjects are now without value other than what was learned 
           about the mutational ability of a vast group of bacteria. 

             Although the threat posed by such mutation was known and understood, 
           profits caused those most involved to ignore elementary guidelines. As a 
           result, society will now be exposed to the ravages of terrifying but previously 
           treatable diseases. And face that possibility without guarantee of new drugs 
           having any effect. Perhaps nature will have its way with us? 

             T2020-88 was won on December 12, 1988. Since that day, few Canadians and 
           indeed few citizens of any other nations have taken advantage of the ruling to 
           refuse to support societal insanity. Could it be that most are no longer able to 
           recognise the insanity due to the depth of their own infection? Those with 
           backbone and principle sufficient to formally declare their use of the 
           provisions of the courtâs decision must stay the course. 

             Alternatively, they could join the British Columbia NDP and participate in 
           the share structure of ãIPCä, an offshore power consortium funded by the 
           provinceâs taxpayers while registered in another country. Profits, if any, will 
           flow first to the shareholders and then to the taxpayers who are guaranteeing 
           the provinceâs involvement in the venture. All told, the NDPâs planner took 
           very good care of the personal interests of a special group of the partyâs 
           supporters, all of whom were able to purchase ãIPCä stock at a special 
           ãincentive priceä. 

             None should doubt the nature of governmental greed or of police power and 
           the abuse thereof by those entrusted with its proper use. A recent ãHome 
           Invasionä tactic by police ostensibly acting on a questionable warrant to 
           apprehend a murderer resulted in several elderly citizens in two separate 
           incidents being traumatised by bullys in police uniform - the very people 
           towards whom the elderly should be able to rely upon for protection. Such 
           actions are truly the work of evil minded cowards and, indeed, are equal to 
           the abuse of young children by ãtrusted adultsä. All of which should have the 
           reader concerned that something has gone very, very wrong with society . . . 
           that greed, cowardice and the arms race has destroyed our moral base.  

           Pity Saddam Husseinâs daughters; giving birth to echoes of their kind.  

             And pity them more for being so lost and stupid as to permit the murder of 
           their husbands as a result of a family compact to avoid the retribution that 
           would fall on all of them should Saddamâs desire for deadly revenge be 

             Sadamâs plan to draw the humbled plotters back into Iraq succeeded; as 
           have all of his adventures.  

             The Kuwait affair was planned to an Nth degree. The result being Saddamâs 
           continuation in power due to his understanding of the cowardice of the 

             Has he ever suffered due to the UNâs economic blockade? Never! Not while 
           hundreds of thousands of newly born children died due to lack of food and 
           medicine that has been prevented by the blockade from entering Iraq.  

             The UN in this matter is no better than Hussein. The will of their common 
           evil has caused untold suffering to those too meek and mild to act in their own 
           best interests. 

                                                                         A BARREN PRAYER 

                              Poor human child, born in grace, blessed with parentsâ love  
                                But trapped in a frenzied race to maim and kill the doves. 

                       Why the play, the love, the ploy - why the birth, the pain, the toil?  
                            Why create and in love train to murder foul and kill in vain? 

                                                       Hallowed be the mirror that reflects   
                                              The prayerful sinner kneeling, in genuflect? 

                                              Glisten softly rosary, in dawnâs sombre light  
                               But . . . grant the forgiveness that blunts a killerâs blight? 

                          Oh God! We pray! Our days are dark, the future vague and far!  
                              Why? We pray! We walk upright! Why have minds like tar? 

                               Why so lost that we transgress the meaning of our ãKindä?  
                ÎCause greed for ãthingsä has blinded all! . . . and we have lost our minds! 
                                                                                                                                                                           D J L Feb. 25/96 
             Palestinians and Israelis continue to suffer from the madness of old men 
           lying to their sons and nephews. The recent spate of bombings by suicidal 
           ãmartyrsä condemns the dark views and visage of those pathetic and 
           miserable sociopaths to an eternal contempt. But in any city throughout the 
           world, similar beings with similar thoughts spread their disease. They 
           continue to spread their lamentable belief that individuals must be subject 
           to the pressure of their peers; that the young must accept the beliefs of their 
           parents and religious masters; that all must pay taxes regardless of how 
           those those taxes are spent; that all must ãgive unto Caesar what is 

             And most, working simply to ãsurviveä, never dare to question the worth 
           and value of their existence and continue to pay without question, becoming 
           part of the problem by their quiet and sinful acquiessence to the plans of the 
           most evil minded amongst them.  


                                             Approaching infinity with carefree good grace  
                                         I appraise reflections of my young, grown old face. 

                                                    And tilt to thoughts reflecting on when  
                                           Iâd race with the roosters for happy faced hens. 

                                     And with eyes in fresh gleam and the fire still bright  
                                          I muse on lifeâs passing and nod my ãAll right!ä 

                                                For having lived! And drunk of lifeâs wine,  
                                               I truly am grateful and accept master Time. 
                                                                                                                                                                         D.J.L. Nov./88 
             In my fifty-fourth year, I stand at a crossroad. Diverse thoughts and 
           emotions consume my energies. I wish that humanity could stand at the same 
           crossroad. Our common failings and greed combined with our instinct for 
           personal survival has led us to a point where we can, with some degree of 
           accuracy, predict the extinction of all life on the planet. 

             ãProgressä has given us nuclear power, and weapons; digitalis, and 
           dioxin.ãIntelligent Lifeä has developed into differing cultures and cultural 
           appreciation (Or are we lying to ourselves about that also?) and the 
           manufacture of hundreds of thousands of weapons of mass murder, and the 
           will and the capacity to use (or cause the use of) such weapons. 

                                                                          PISSING ON PRIDE 

                                 Political pawns, Promoting Profits, Possess No Principles;   
                                  And Piss On Their Pride, When Plucking Povertyâs Poor. 
                                                                                                             D.J.L. "Meanderingsä  Spring/85 
             Our struggle to stand erect took unknown eons. Our trek to a higher plane 
           could take as long; if we survive the ever mounting insanity. The law of 
           simple chance states that we will not so survive.  

             Human garbage, compelled by the madness of greed and allowed to act in 
           such a fashion by the cowardice of the majority, will initiate or otherwise 
           cause the use of circular siphons or other weapons of mass murder. Sarin type 
           nerve gases and a whole horde of newly developed means by which individuals 
           can murder millions . . . will be employed as society sinks further into its 
           sewer of greed. Our only guarantee of salvation will be the development of a 
           societal concern sufficient to spot the development of personalitys capable of 
           using such weapons and acting to stop or otherwise dissuade them. 

             Those who practised daily thought prior to the 80âs recognised that human 
           activity had caused a perceptible planetary increase in mean temperatures. 
           From the soft warnings of a few, there grew an acknowledgement that the 
           problem had to be addressed. 

             Doubt is no longer part of the equation. Advanced computer modelling has 
           presented us with facts that cannot be ignored. Facts that are agreed upon by 
           all scientists charged with identifying the ever growing threat to our 
           continued existence. Facts that have been presented to the populace at large 
           in a fashion so as to deflect the possibility of angry reactions. 

             Intelligent citizens acknowledge the onset and the severity of the 
           ãGreenhouse Effectä. Yet, knowing that we must reverse our course, that we 
           must strive to put our foolish past behind us and act in concert to guarantee 
           the continuance of life on the planet, we close our minds to our responsibilitys 
           and ask our leaders and politicians to find a means to make others change 
           their ways and aspirations while we continue to abuse our remaining 
           resources and chances for survival as a species. 

             Perceiving that the majority will pay lip service to the necessity of change 
           without fully supporting all aspects, including the dismantling of all weapons 
           of mass murder, leads me to believe that we will not by gentle fashion  save 
           the existence of life on the planet.  Extinction, due to actions that can only be 
           associated with the negative and destructive rages of societal greed, is now 
           not only possible but highly probable in the near term.  

             Does age grant me a right to turn my back on duty and let the status quo 
           continue? Does your age or station grant you a similar right? Am I strong 
           enough and of an age to be brave enough to see my duty and to join, emulate 
           or otherwise assist those who, in recognition of their duty, will, with energy 
           and, if need be, extreme prejudice, act to bring about the required changes?  
           Are you?  The Federal Courtâs decision is now part of Canadian law. The first 
           part of the fight, the development of an argument establishing everyoneâs 
           right to refuse to support societal insanity,  has been won.  

                                                            WILL WE SEIZE THE MOMENT? 

                                                        Copyright © 1995  Daniel J. Lavigne  
                                                                      Founder, Co-ordinator  
                                                            International Humanity House  

             All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or utilised in any 
           form or by any means without permission in writing from the author. 

            Please Note:  The end result of the tax refusal is known to your government. 
           It is designed to force humanity to choose between total use or total 
           dismantling of all weapons of mass murder . . . to start thinking about the 
           worth, value and future of ãLifeä.   There is no middle ground.  

                                            To a safer, saner world.  To Duty.

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